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Admixture Concrete PDF - Overview

Admixture Concrete – Concrete admixtures are natural or manufactured chemicals or additives added during concrete mixing to enhance specific properties of the fresh or hardened concrete, such as workability, durability, or early and final strength.

The original use of admixtures in cementitious mixtures is not well documented. It is believed that the introduction of
some of these materials may have been part of rituals or other ceremonies. It is known that cement mixed with organic
matter was applied as a surface coat for water resistance or tinting purposes.

Materials used in early concrete and masonry included milk and lard by the Romans; eggs during the middle ages in Europe; polished glutinous rice paste, lacquer, tung oil, blackstrap molasses, and extracts from elm soaked in water and boiled bananas by the Chinese; and in Mesoamerica and Peru, cactus juice and latex from rubber plants.

Admixture Concrete

Types of Concrete Admixtures

  • Water Reducing Admixtures
  • Retarding Admixtures
  • Accelerating Admixtures
  • Air entraining concrete admixture
  • Pozzolanic Admixtures
  • Damp-proofing Admixtures
  • Gas forming Admixtures
  • Air detraining Admixtures
  • Alkali Aggregate Expansion Inhibiting Admixtures
  • Anti-washout Admixtures
  • Grouting Admixtures
  • Corrosion Inhibiting Admixtures
  • Bonding Admixtures
  • Fungicidal, Germicidal, Insecticidal Admixtures
  • Coloring Admixtures

Contents of Admixture Concrete
Admixture Concrete – Chapter 1—Introduction

  • 1.1—History
  • 1.2—Definitions and glossary

Admixture Concrete – Chapter 2—Overview

  • 2.1—Function
  • 2.2—Effectiveness and compatibility
  • 2.2—Standards

Chapter 3—Air-entraining admixtures

  • 3.1—History
  • 3.2—Mechanism
  • 3.3—Use of air-entraining admixtures
  • 3.4—Properties of entrained air
  • 3.5—Handling and testing of air-entrained concrete

Chapter 4—Water-reducing and set-controlling admixtures

  • 4.1—Types and composition
  • 4.2—Type A, water-reducing admixtures
  • 4.3—Type B, retarding, and Type D, water-reducing and retarding admixtures
  • 4.4—Type C, accelerating, and Type E, water-reducing and accelerating admixtures
  • 4.5—High-range, water-reducing admixtures
  • 4.6—Mid-range, water-reducing admixtures
  • 4.7—Admixtures for self-consolidating concrete
  • 4.8—Admixtures for slump and workability retention

Chapter 5— Specialty admixtures

  • 5.1—Corrosion-inhibiting admixtures
  • 5.2—Shrinkage-reducing admixtures
  • 5.3—Admixtures for controlling alkali-silica reactivity
  • 5.4—Admixtures for underwater concrete
  • 5.5—Admixtures for cold weather
  • 5.6—Permeability reducing admixtures

Chapter 6—Admixture dispensers

  • 6.1—Industry requirements and dispensing methods
  • 6.2—Accuracy requirements
  • 6.3—Application considerations and compatibility
  • 6.4—Field and truck mounted dispensers
  • 6.5—Dispenser maintenance

Chapter 7—Conclusion

Chapter 8—References

  • 8.1—Cited references
  • 8.2—List of relevant ASTM standards

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