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Ancient Greece Map PDF

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Ancient Greece Map PDF - Overview

Ancient Greece Map – Ancient Greece was a northeastern Mediterranean civilization, existing from the Greek Dark Ages of the 12th–9th centuries BC to the end of classical antiquity (c. AD 600), that comprised a loose collection of culturally and linguistically related city-states and other territories—unified only once, for 13 years, under Alexander the Great’s empire (336-323 BC).

Roughly three centuries after the Late Bronze Age collapse of Mycenaean Greece, Greek urban poleis began to form in the 8th century BC, ushering in the Archaic period and colonization of the Mediterranean Basin. This was followed by the age of Classical Greece, from the Greco-Persian Wars to the 5th to 4th centuries BC.

Classical Greece is generally considered the cradle of Western civilization, the seminal culture from which the modern West derives many of its founding archetypes and ideas in politics, philosophy, science, and art.

Ancient Greece Map

Regions of Ancient Greece Map
1. Central Greece

  • Acarnania
  • Aeniania
  • Aetolia
  • Aperantia
  • Attica
  • Boeotia
  • Dolopia
  • Doris
  • Euboea
  • Locris
  • Malis
  • Megaris
  • Oetaea
  • Phocis

2. Peloponnese

  • Achaea
  • Arcadia
  • Argolis
  • Corinthia
  • Elis
  • Laconia
  • Messenia

3. Thessalia

  • Achaea Phthiotis
  • Magnesia
  • Histiaeotis
  • Pelasgiotis
  • Perrhaebia
  • Thessaliotis

4. Epirus

  • Athamania
  • Chaonia
  • Dassaretia
  • Molossis
  • Thesprotia
  • Parauaea
  • Tymphaea

5. Macedonia

  • Almopia
  • Bisaltia
  • Bottiaea
  • Chalcidice
  • Crestonia
  • Edonis
  • Elimiotis
  • Emathia
  • Eordaea
  • Lynkestis
  • Mygdonia
  • Odomantis
  • Orestis
  • Pelagonia
  • Pieria
  • Sintice

6. Greek colonies

  • Magna Graecia
  • Asia Minor
  • Aeolis
  • Doris (Asia Minor)
  • Ionia
  • Pontus
  • Cyprus
  • Crimea
  • Cyrenaica

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