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Aztec Calendar Spanish PDF

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The Aztec calendar Spanish is a monolithic disc (made of a single piece) with inscriptions related to astronomy and the solar cult of the Mexicas. It describes the movements of the stars and the different cycles with which time was measured.

For the Aztecs, time passed in “suns” or cosmic ages, periods of creation and destruction. Before them, four other suns had already existed on earth.

Given below is Aztec Calendar in Spanish.

Aztec Calendar Spanish

After 270 years of being underground, the Sun Stone was rediscovered on December 17, 1790, while works were being done on the south side of Mexico City’s Plaza Mayor to build drains and sidewalks. The workers under the command of José Damián Ortiz de Castro found it buried a little more than 40 cm away, 60 meters from one of the doors of the Viceroyalty Palace.

It was named “Aztec Calendar” by the anthropologist Antonio de León y Gama, who came to the site to see it. The anthropologist argued that the Sun Stone should not be buried again because of its great historical and artistic value, so it was placed at the side of the Metropolitan Cathedral on July 2, 1971.

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