BPO Form (Residential)

Download BPO Form (Residential) PDF using the direct download link.

BPO Form (Residential) PDF

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Download PDF of BPO Form (Residential) from OliPDF using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

BPO Form (Residential) PDF - Overview

Residential BPO Form is a kind of form used by the real estate brokers or professionals belonging to same niche to determine the estimated value of a residential property.

What do we mean by BPO?
When a real estate broker or other qualified professional determines a property’s estimated value, it’s considered a broker price opinion. A BPO is used as part of the listing agreement when selling a house. A lender, loss mitigation company or mortgage company that wants an assessment of a property can request a BPO.

BPO Form Residential

How to fill out Residential Broker Price Opinion form?
This fillable BPO Form contains the following points to be filled out

  • General market conditions
  • Subject marketability
  • Competitive closed sales
  • Marketing strategy
  • Repairs
  • Competitive listings
  • The market value

This Residential Broker Price Opinion Form PDF can be downloaded / printed and then filled in order to use it somewhere in the physical form.

Download BPO Form (Residential) PDF from OliPDF using the direct download link given below.

BPO Form (Residential) PDF Download Link

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