Conditionals Exercise

Conditionals exercise PDF for learning & practicing conditionals in easy and quick manner, download conditionals exercise PDF with answers in printable format now

Conditionals Exercise PDF

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Conditionals Exercise PDF - Overview

Conditionals Exercise PDF helps you learn English grammar conditionals very quickly and easily. The attached Conditionals Exercise PDF contains 30 conditional exercise questions along with answers.

What are Conditionals
There are several structures in English that we call conditionals or if conditionals. The word “condition” means “situation or circumstance”. If a particular condition is true, then a particular result happens:

if x = 4 then 2x = 8

There are three basic English conditionals plus the so-called zero conditional. There are some more conditionals that we do not use so often.

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Conditional typeUsageIf-clauseMain-clause
1possible condition + probable resultpresent simplewill + base verb
2hypothetical condition + possible resultpast simplewould + base verb
3expired past condition + possible past resultpast perfectwould have + past participle
0real condition + inevitable resultpresent simplepresent simple

Conditionals Exercise PDF

Download Conditionals Exercise PDF from OliPDF using the direct download link given below.

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