D1 Form (DVLA)

D1 Form or DVLA D1 is an application form for obtaining driving licence in UK, any UK citizen or permanent resident can apply for driving licence in UK using this D1 form, download fillable PDF of D1 form now...


PDF of D1 Form

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D1 Form (DVLA) PDF – Overview

D1 Form – The DVLA D1 form is an application from a UK citizen or permanent resident (meaning the resident, who annually spends at least 185 day in Great Britain) to pass the drivers test and obtain a drivers license.

How long does a D1 form take
You need to fill out a D1 form, include an unsigned passport-like photo which has been taken over the past 30 days, and provide your old licence. Like with normal postal applications, it takes three weeks. Key facts:Online application takes seven days, costs £14.

D1 Form

Here are the steps to follow while filling the D1 Form

In step 1 of D1 Form, add the following infrmation

  • Surname
  • First names
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • What is your UK driver number (if you know it)
  • Current address
  • Post town
  • Postcode
  • Place of birth (country)
  • Full daytime phone number
  • E-mail address

1A – Residency

  • Have you lived in another EC or EEA country in the last 12 months
  • If ‘Yes’, which country
  • What date did you come to live in the UK

In step 2 of D1 Form – Your eyesight information

  • You must fill in both questions 2a and 2b a Can you read a car number-plate (with glasses or corrective lenses if necessary) from 20.5 metres.
    (67 feet) or 20 metres (65 feet) where narrower characters (50mm wide) are displayed?
  • Do you need to wear glasses or corrective lenses when driving.

In step 3 of D1 Form – The licence you want

Start date – Your licence starts on the day we issue it. You can ask for your licence to start from a later date but this cannot be more than two months after the day you apply

Select the Licence you want –

  • Provisional
  • Replacement
  • Duplicate
  • Exchange
  • Renew
  • Organ donation

Step 4 of D1 Form – Previous licence details

  • Was your last licence a: photocard licence or paper licence

If you have given up driving because you were disqualified in Great Britain, please give the date and say which court dealt with it.

  • Day Month Year Court name
  • Are you currently disqualified in any other country
  • If ‘Yes’, which country were you disqualified in
  • What is the expiry date shown on the Day Month Year
  • licence or entitlement you are renewing

Step 5 of D1 Form  – Your Health details

Part – 1

Have you ever had, or do you currently suffer from any of the following conditions?
If you have answered ‘Yes’, please tick all the appropriate boxes.

  • Epilepsy
  • Fits or blackouts
  • Repeated attacks of sudden disabling giddiness
  • Diabetes controlled by insulin
  • Diabetes controlled by tablets
  • An implanted cardiac pacemaker
  • An implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD)
  • Angina (heart pain) which is easily brought on by driving
  • Persistent alcohol misuse or dependency
  • Persistent drug misuse or dependency
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Narcolepsy or sleep apnoea syndrome
  • Stroke, with any symptoms lasting longer than one month, recurrent “mini-strokes” or TIAs
  • Any type of brain surgery, severe head injury involving inpatient treatment, or brain tumour
  • Any other chronic neurological condition
  • A serious problem with memory or periods of confusion
  • Severe learning disability
  • Serious psychiatric illness or mental ill health
  • Total loss of sight in one eye
  • Any condition affecting both eyes, or the remaining eye
  • Any condition affecting your visual field
  • Any persisting limb problem which needs driving to be restricted to certain types of vehicle or those with adapted controls

Part B

  • Only fill in this part if you have told us about a medical condition before
  • What is the condition
  • Has it got worse since you told us about it
  • Have you had any special controls fitted to your vehicle since your last licence was issued

Step – 6 of D1 Form Confirming your identity

Tick the documents you are providing to prove your identity

  • Photocopies are not acceptable
  • Passport
  • Your UK birth or adoption certificate
  • EC or EEA identity card
  • Travel Document
  • Evidence of SRP (State Retirement Pension)

Tick the documents you are also providing to show a clear link to your current name if different from that shown on your passport, birth certificate or adoption certificate.

  • Marriage certificate
  • Divorce certificate
  • Your deed poll or statutory declaration

Step – 7 of D1 Form  Signing your photograph

  • Signature Date
  • Full name
  • Signing your photograph
  • Business or home address
  • Postcode
  • Full daytime phone number
  • Profession Qualifications

Step – 8 of D1 Form  Signature

It is a Fillable PDF in which you can fill the form and after that take the printout if requried

For more information related to D1 Form click here.

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