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Dominican Republic Map PDF in high resolution, It is vector map of Dominican Republic with information about Provinces, Capitals, Area, Population.

Dominican Republic Map PDF

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Dominican Republic Map PDF - Overview

Dominican Republic Map is a country located on the island of Hispaniola in the Greater Antilles archipelago of the Caribbean region. It occupies the eastern five-eighths of the island, which it shares with Haiti, making Hispaniola one of only two Caribbean islands, along with Saint Martin, that is shared by two sovereign states.

The Dominican Republic is the second-largest nation in the Antilles by area (after Cuba) at 48,671 square kilometers (18,792 sq mi), and third-largest by population, with approximately 10.8 million people (2020 est.), of whom approximately 3.3 million live in the metropolitan area of Santo Domingo, the capital city. The official language of the country is Spanish.

The native Taíno people had inhabited Hispaniola before the arrival of Europeans, dividing it into five chiefdoms. They had constructed an advanced farming and hunting society, and were in the process of becoming an organized civilization. The Taínos also inhabited Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. The Genoese mariner Christopher Columbus explored and claimed the island for Castile, landing there on his first voyage in 1492.

Dominican Republic Map

Provinces of Dominican Republic Map

Province 0f
Dominican Republic Map
Capital of
Dominican Republic Map
AzuaAzua de Compostela2,531.77298,246117.81
BarahonaSanta Cruz de Barahona1,739.38232,818133.93
Distrito NacionalSanto Domingo de Guzmán104.441,402,74913,431.1D.N.
DuarteSan Francisco de Macorís1,605.35338,649211.05
Elías PiñaComendador1,426.2084,63259.36
El SeiboSanta Cruz del Seibo1,786.80110,21261.77
Hato MayorHato Mayor del Rey1,329.29103,03277.59
Hermanas MirabalSalcedo440.43121,887276.721
La AltagraciaSalvaleón de Higüey3,010.34372,289123.711
La RomanaLa Romana653.95344,580526.912
La VegaConcepción de la Vega2,287.24447,905195.813
María Trinidad SánchezNagua1,271.71195,886154.014
Monseñor NouelBonao992.39203,183204.715
Monte CristiSan Fernando de Monte Cristi1,924.35150,83378.416
Monte PlataMonte Plata2,632.14222,64184.617
Puerto PlataSan Felipe de Puerto Plata1,852.90470,839254.120
SamanáSanta Bárbara de Samaná853.74139,707163.622
Sánchez RamírezCotuí1,196.13248,807208.023
San CristóbalSan Cristóbal1,265.77640,066505.724
San José de OcoaSan José de Ocoa855.4097,640114.125
San JuanSan Juan de la Maguana3,569.39317,29388.926
San Pedro de MacorísSan Pedro de Macorís1,255.46392,911313.027
SantiagoSantiago de los Caballeros2,836.511,503,362530.028
Santiago RodríguezSan Ignacio de Sabaneta1,111.1499,04489.129
Santo DomingoSanto Domingo Este1,296.353,263,0532,517.130

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