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EPCOT Map 2021 PDF in high quality and in vector form, EPCOT, is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake

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EPCOT Map 2021 PDF – Overview

Epcot Map 2021 – EPCOT, is a theme park at the Walt Disney World Resort in Bay Lake, Florida. It is owned and operated by The Walt Disney Company through its Parks, Experiences and Products division. Inspired by an unrealized concept developed by Walt Disney, the park opened on October 1, 1982, as EPCOT Center, and was the second of four theme parks built at Walt Disney World, after Magic Kingdom Park.

Spanning 305 acres (1.23 km2), more than twice the size of Magic Kingdom Park, Epcot is dedicated to the celebration of human achievement, namely technological innovation and international culture, and is often referred to as a “permanent world’s fair”.

In 1994, the park was renamed to “Epcot”, dropping the acronym and “Center” from the name. In the late 2010s, the park began a major ongoing multi-year overhaul including several new and replaced attractions as well as the revision of the existing two sections of the park into four: World Celebration, World Discovery, World Nature and World Showcase.

EPCOT Map 2021

Park layout and attractions

  • World Celebration
  • World Discovery
  • World Nature
  • World Showcase

EPCOT Map 2021 – World Celebration
World Celebration serves as the park’s main entrance. Future additions will include Dreamer’s Point, which will include a new statue of Walt Disney, and a three-story Festival Pavilion which will include a 360-degree viewing platform on the top level.

  • Spaceship Earth, an eighteen-story-tall geodesic sphere structure and the anchor pavilion.
  • Imagination! is a pavilion that contains attractions that highlight imagination.
  • Journey into Imagination with Figment is a ride that encourages guests to use their senses and their imagination.
  • ImageWorks: The What-If Labs is an interactive post show following Journey into Imagination.
  • Disney & Pixar Short Film Festival is a 3-D show composed of three animated shorts.
  • Club Cool, an attraction and gift shop, featuring complimentary samples of Coca-Cola soft drinks from around the world.
  • Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the Future is an interactive post show following Spaceship Earth showcasing many “virtual reality” games.
  • The Odyssey Events Pavilion currently features Walt Disney Imagineering Presents: The EPCOT Experience Center, a preview exhibit detailing the relentless innovation, energy and excitement driving the park’s unprecedented evolution

EPCOT Map 2021 – World Discovery
World Discovery centers on “stories about space, science, technology and intergalactic adventure comes to life”. Future attractions will include Wonders of Xandar Pavilion.

  • Mission: Space, centered on space exploration, is a centrifugal motion simulator thrill ride that replicates a space flight experience to Mars and a low orbit tour over the surface of Earth.
  • Space 220, a themed restaurant simulating dining aboard a space station located 220 miles above Earth.
  • Test Track is a thrill ride inspired by the rigorous automobile testing procedures that Chevrolet uses to evaluate concept cars.

EPCOT Map 2021 – World Nature
World Nature focuses on “understanding and preserving the beauty, awe and balance of the natural world”

  • The Land depicts human interaction with the Earth, focusing on agriculture, ecology, and travel.
  • The Seas with Nemo & Friends is based on ocean exploration and features an aquarium with animal exhibits, an Omnimover attraction inspired by Finding Nemo, Turtle Talk with Crush, and the Coral Reef Restaurant.

EPCOT Map 2021 – World Showcase
The nation pavilions surround the World Showcase Lagoon, a man-made lake located in the center of World Showcase with a perimeter of 1.2 miles (1.9 km), which is the site of Harmonious,

In counter-clockwise order, the 11 pavilions are:

  • Canada
  • United Kingdom
  • France
  • Morocco
  • Japan
  • The American Adventure
  • Italy
  • Germany
  • China
  • Norway
  • Mexico

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