Grabovoi Codes List

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Grabovoi Codes List

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Grabovoi Codes List PDF – Overview

Grabovoi Codes are sequences of numbers that have been shown to create an energetic response in people with certain personality traits or zodiac signs when they see them.

They cause people who are more sensitive (or even allergic) to energy fields around them because they allow someone’s natural frequency patterns to resonate with other frequencies, which can be very powerful – especially if one person has stronger than usual pattern and another weaker pattern.

Useful Grabovoi Codes List

PurposeGrabovoi Code
Grabovoi Code for Self-healing of the body9187948181
Grabovoi Code for Love888 412 1289018
Grabovoi Code for Weight loss and health1891014
Grabovoi Code for Fight against alcoholism14843292
Grabovoi Code for Peace1001105010
Grabovoi Code for Depression519 514 319891
Grabovoi Code for Self esteem4818951749814
Grabovoi Code for Unemployment318514517618
Grabovoi Code for Rejuvenate2145432
Grabovoi Code for Protection9187756981818
Grabovoi Code for Universal harmonization14854232190
Grabovoi Code for Environmental sustainability97318541218
Grabovoi Code for Determination498518498
Grabovoi Code for Chemical dependency5333353
Grabovoi Code for Nicotine addiction1414551
Grabovoi Code for Determination and focus for learning212585212
Grabovoi Code for Entrepreneurship71974131981
Grabovoi Code for Understanding39119488061

How to Use Grabovoi Codes

  • Journal them – Write down your manifestations in your manifestation journal and include the code somewhere on the same page.
  • Memorize them (repeat them in your mind when you first wake up and before bed and whenever you can throughout the day).
  • Repeat an affirmation with the code “I am attracting unexpected money, activating code 520 741 8).
  • Write the code down, tear it off the paper and place under your pillow.
  • Write the code down, hold it in your hands, hands over heart. Close your eyes and visualize your manifestations. Repeat thank you, thank you, thank you.
  • Write the following script “I am attracting ____ into my life, and activating the code _____ with harm to none, for the greater good of all. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  • Use it with crystals.

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