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Kidase PDF in English download, the daily daily worship service by The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, download Kidase PDF with English translation now

Kidase English PDF

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Kidase English PDF - Overview

Kidase English PDF
Kidase is a daily worship service offered by The Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Kidase was created by the holy apostles nearly two thousand years ago and given a rhythmic structure by the Ethiopian Saint Yared 1500 years ago.

Kidase means to give thanks to The Lord by mankind and the angles alike. Kidase also has the purpose of converting the wine and bread into the Holy Sacrament (the blood and body of Christ), as Jesus did on the eve of his crucifixion.

Kidase PDF in English

The book of Kidase is separated into three parts:
1. The prayer of the priest
2. The prayer of the people
3. The prayer of the deacon.

The priest is instructed by the book of Kidase on how to pray and chant, the people like the angles are to be full participants in giving praise to The Lord, and the deacon reads, chants, and instructs the people.

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In the Ethiopian Orthodox Church all Christians no matter their age, gender, status, or education are required to praise The Lord according to the Kidase. Therefore, this Kidase CD has been prepared so everyone may learn how to be participants in worshiping and giving thanks through this ancient apostolic tradition.

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