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Little Red Riding Hood PDF – Overview

Little Red Riding Hood is a European fairy tale about a young girl and a sly wolf. Its origins can be traced back to several pre-17th century European folk tales. The two best known versions were written by Charles Perrault and the Brothers Grimm.

Little Red Riding Hood story has been changed considerably in various retellings and subjected to numerous modern adaptations and readings. Other names for the story are: “Little Red Cap” or simply “Red Riding Hood”. It is number 333 in the Aarne–Thompson classification system for folktales.

Little Red Riding Hood

Story of Little Red Riding Hood is given below

Once upon a time, there lived a little girl called Little Red Riding Hood. She wore a beautiful red cape that her grandma had made for her.
One day, her mother said, “Come here Dear. Your grandma is not very well. I would like you to take this bread and cheese to her but remember to stay on the path.”

She set off to her grandma’s house. She lived on the other side of a forest. As She was going through the wood, she met a wolf. He was waiting for her to get closer and closer and closer and then…. he jumped out from behind a tree!

The wolf asked. “Where are you going to?” She said, “I am going to see my grandma because she is not very well.” The wolf gazed at her and said, “See these pretty flowers? Why not pick some, I am sure your grandma would love them.” “What a good idea,” said she, and she skipped from the path to look for flowers for her grandma.

Then the wolf ran to grandma’s house and knocked on the door. ‘Knock, knock, knock!’ “Who is there?” asked grandma. “Little Red Riding Hood”, replied the wolf. Grandma whispered, “Come in, I am too ill to come to the door.” The wolf let himself in. Poor granny did not have time to say another word, before the greedy wolf gobbled her up! He put on her nightgown and nightcap. He jumped into granny’s bed and pulled the covers over his nose.

Unaware of what happened, she came joyfully to her granny’s house and knocked on the door: ‘Knock! Knock!’ Behind the door, a hoarse voice answered: ‘Is it you, Red Riding Hood? Come in! Come in! Now she realized that her granny may feel very ill and, feeling a little worried, stepped in the house.

She was very surprised when she saw her grandmother: ‘Granny, what happened to you? Why have you got those large ears? the girl asked amazed. ‘All the better to hear you with’, the wolf answered. ‘And why have you got those big eyes? , continued Little Red Riding Hood. ‘’To see you better! said the wolf.

And what about those big sharp teeth? carried on Little Red Riding Hood. ‘All the better to eat you’, bellowed the wolf and with a jump and a gulp he gobbled Little Red Riding Hood up. ‘Yummy!’, he said, patting his large tummy. But, the wolf didn’t know that a forest ranger was just passing by. He had listened to Little Red Riding Hood talking to the wolf.

At first he himself thought that granny had quite a coarse voice but soon he realised that something odd was happening and he rushed into the house exactly when the wolf was patting his tummy: ‘You greedy wolf! Spit out what you swallowed or you’ll never see another day!’, the ranger shouted.

Surprised and frightened, the wolf immediately spat Little Red Riding Hood and her grandma out of his belly and ran out of the house.

Little Red Riding Hood and her granny thanked the brave forest ranger for rescuing them. Granny even started feeling better after eating some of the lovely food Little Red Riding Hood brought. There was no end to their joy. ( and they lived happily ever after.

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