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Madani Qaida PDF

PDF Name Madani Qaida
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Download PDF of Madani Qaida from using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Madani Qaida PDF – Overview

Madani Qaida is the English version of the book ‘Madanī Qā’idaĥ’ which was presented in Urdu language by Majlis Madrasa-tul-Madīnaĥ to impart basic knowledge for correct recitation of the Holy Quran. To facilitate the pronunciation of Arabic letters, a transliteration chart has been added.

Madani Qaida have information like, how to pronounce Arabic letter with their meaning in english and how to write it and with exercise and question answers.

Madani Qaida

Table of Contents of Madani Qaida

  • Du’ā for Reading the Book
  • Transliteration Chart
  • Translator’s Notes
  • First read this
  • Lesson Number 1: Ḥurūf Mufridāt (Individual Letters)
  • Lesson Number 2: Ḥurūf Murakkabāt (Compound Letters)
  • Lesson Number 3: Ḥarakāt
  • Lesson Number 4
  • Lesson Number 5: Tanwīn
  • Lesson Number 6
  • Lesson Number 7: The Letters of Maddaĥ
  • Lesson Number 8: Kĥařī [Vertical] Ḥarakāt
  • Lesson Number 9: The Letters of Līn
  • Lesson Number 10
  • Lesson Number 11: Sukūn (Jazm)
  • Lesson Number 12: Nūn Sākin and Tanwīn (Iẓĥār, Ikhfā)
  • Lesson Number 13: Tashdīd
  • Lesson Number 14: Nūn Sākin and Tanwīn (Idghām, Iqlāb)
  • Lesson Number 15: The Cases of Mīm Sākin
  • Lesson Number 16: Tafkhīm and Tarqīq
  • Lesson Number 17: Maddāt
  • Lesson Number 18: Muqatta’āt Letters
  • Lesson Number 19: Zāid
  • Lesson Number 20: Miscellaneous Rules
  • Lesson Number 21: Waqf
  • Lesson Number 22: Salah
  • Questions and Answers

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