Marvel Multiverse RPG

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Marvel Multiverse RPG

PDF of Marvel Multiverse RPG

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Marvel Multiverse RPG PDF – Overview

Marvel Multiverse RPG – The game includes versions of several popular Marvel characters, including Spider-Man, Hulk, Captain America, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men. It also allowed for designing one’s own heroes and villains. The SAGA-based Marvel Super Heroes Adventure Game (1998) was published into 2000, after which the long history between TSR and Marvel Comics ended; Marvel then published its own Marvel Universe Role-playing Game (2003). The game featured tactical resource management, something originally made popular in the indie role-playing game movement.

System of Marvel Multiverse RPG
The central game mechanic is the allocation of energy/effort, in the form of “red stones”. These stones, initially equal in number to the character’s “Energy Reserve” statistic are allocated to powers, attacks, and defenses by the players and GM. Allocated stones are then compared to determine success or failure at tasks.

Task Resolution of Marvel Multiverse RPG
Opposed tasks are handled by comparing how many red stones each character has allocated to the struggle, with the character who has put in more winning. The degree of success is determined by how many more stones the winner put in.

Normal tasks have both a Difficulty Level and a Resistance. The Difficulty Level determines the minimum value one must have in a relevant trait to have any chance of success at all. If the character’s trait meets or exceeds the Difficulty Level, then the player may allocate red stones of effort to the task; the number needed to succeed is the Resistance.

Marvel Multiverse RPG

Table of Contents of Marvel Multiverse RPG

  • Introduction
  • Roleplaying Section
  • Playing Marvel
  • Roleplaying A Super Hero Character
  • Playing An Existing Marvel Super Hero Character
  • Super Hero And Super Villain Profiles
  • Creating Your Own Character
  • Action Resolution System (Ars)
  • How You Learn And Gain Experience: The Add-A-Une System™
  • The Marvel Universe Briefings
  • Gamesmaster Section
  • The Art Of Gamesmastering
  • Considerations For Game Play
  • Characters
  • Adventures
  • The Premier Issue
  • Appendix A:Weapons
  • Appendix B:Vehicles
  • Appendix C:Equipment

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