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Navratri Vrat Katha in English PDF – Overview

Navratri Vrat Katha in English PDF is available for those taking up Navratri fasts and don’t know any of the Indian languages i.e. Hindi or Sanskrit.

Navratri is a Hindi / Sanskrit word which literally means nine nights. Nava meaning Nine and Ratri meaning nights. During these nine nights and ten days, nine forms of Shakti / Devi are worshipped. Shakti is the source of everything, and represents the Supreme in this divine form. By worshipping Her, all the gods and goddesses are worshipped. Navratri are the best time of the year to undertake or start new ventures. All nine days during Navratri are dedicated to nine forms of Goddess Shakti.

Navratri Vrat Katha in English

Once upon a time Sage Naradji went around the world. He went on a pilgrimage from Swargaloka (heaven) to Mrityulok. When he came to Mrityulok he saw people who had different problems and were sorrowful. He saw some people in sorrow due to their son and some crying for wealth.

After going round Mrityulok a thought came in his mind that it was long since he had seen Lord Vrishpathi. Therefore he decided to meet and thus proceeded to the place of Lord Vrishpathi.

Shri Vrishpathi was very happy to see Naradji and inquired from Naradji the reason of his visit to his place and without fear to ask the question he is being bothered with and explain to him his problem. Then Naradji with folded hands prayed and said Oh Maharaj, I have come to you to learn what fruit does one achieve from the fast of the Navratri days. I would like to hear the importance of this fast from you. Then Shri Vrishpathiji said, Navratri fast comes in the month of Chaitra Shukla period from the first to Asthami (eight) days and in Kanwar month in the Shukla period from the first day to Asthami. This Navratri fast achieves the most impossible thing e.g. One who prays for a son gets a son. One prays for wealth gets wealth. One who wishes for education gets education, one who wishes for happiness, gets happiness. One who does this fast is free from disease, if he is suffering from any illness. He is free from all bondage and all obstacles are removed. The sick person lives a happy life free from his disease. The barren woman begets a child.

Remover of all sins doing this fast which feat is not accomplished. The person who does not do this fast is separated from his mother and father. His parents die and he suffers a lot of sorrow and his body becomes diseased and he suffers. He is not able to beget a child. This way he faces many sorrows the one who does not do this fast. Wealth and prosperity desert him and he faces hunger and thirst and roams round the earth and becomes dumb. If any woman does not do this fast, she is separated from her husband and suffers different types of sorrows and troubles. If one who decides to keep the fast and is not able to remain hungry the whole day then he can have one time meal and on that day with his relatives together and hear the story of Navratri fast. O sage, the one who did this great fasts for the first time I am going to narrate to you the story. Narad kindly listen with full attention and care. This way listening to the words of Brahmaji, Vrishpathi said O Brahmin, to bless man who does this fast in our history I am ready to listen attentively and have come to your shelter. Kindly bless me.

Brahmaji said in old times in a beautiful city, there lived a Brahmin named Anath. He was a devout follower of Bhagvathi (Goddess) Durga. Due to his good qualities and Brahmaji’s first creation he begot a beautiful daughter Sumati who had all the qualities and beauty.

This child Sumati grew in her father’s house playing with her friend so fast like the moon growing in the shukla paksha into full bloom. Whenever her father was doing the puja and Homa of Mother Durga she was always present. One day Sumati went with her friends to play and she was absent for the puja of Bhagvati.

The father seeing such negligence of his daughter got angry and said to his daughter. Oh negligent daughter today you have not done Bhagvati Durga’s puja, due to this reason I will get you married to a sick and poor man. Hearing the harsh words of her father Sumati became sad and said to her father. I am your daughter and it is my duty to do as you say. You may do as you wish. You can get me married to a King, leper whoever you wish but my marriage will take place as my destiny. Man has many worries but only that what the Lord desires happen. Whatever a man does so does he reaps the fruits of his action. Because it is man’s duty to do Action (Karma) and God’s duty to give him the fruits of his actions. Like fire sparks same way seeing the fearlessness of his daughter the Brahmin got angrier then. He got his daughter married to a Kusti- leper and said angrily go fast, go fast and reap the fruits of your action. Lets see depending on destiny what you will do. Hearing these bitter words of her father, Sumati thought in her mind how unfortunate she was to get such a husband. This way thinking of her sorrow Sumati along with her husband went into the jungle and with the ferocious animals spent the night with great difficulty. Seeing this poor child in this state Bhagvati due to her previous good deeds came in front of Sumati and said to her O dear Brahmini I am happy with you ask me any boon, I will grant you. This way hearing Goddess Durga’s word the Brahmini inquired who she was who is happy with me, tell me everything and free me your humble servant. Hearing thus from the Brahmini the Devi said, She is Adi – Shakti, and she is Brahma Vidya – Saraswati. When I am pleased I remove the sorrow of human beings and bestow them with happiness. O Brahmini I am happy with your past birth. I am narrating to you; you’re past birth.

In your last birth you were the wife of Nishad (Bhil) hunter and you were a devoted wife. One day your husband Nishad had done robbery. Due to the robbery you both were arrested by the soldiers and put into the prison. They did not give both you and your husband any food to eat. This way during the days of Navratri you neither ate nor drank water for 9 days and thus fasted for Navratri vrat. Due to the fast I am very happy and today I will grant you your wish so tell me what is the boon you want. In this way hearing the words of Durga the Brahmini said if you are really happy with me then O Mother Durga, I pay obeisance to you. Kindly get rid of my husband’s leprosy. The Devi said during those days of fasting the fruits of one of the days of the fasting your husband will be rid of leprosy and get back a beautiful golden like body. Brahmaji said in this way hearing the words of the Devi this Brahmini was very happy and said seeing her husband without disease is right. The body of her husband with the blessings of Bhagvati Durga got rid of the disease and became a bright youngman whose brilliance outshone the brilliance of the moon. Seeing the beautiful brilliance of her husband and the immense power of the Devi she thought and said, Oh Durga you are the remover of obstacles of the three loka and remover of all sorrow, remover of the disease of a sick man, on being happy bestowing vows, destroying the wicked person, you are the mother and father of the entire universe. Oh Ambe, due to my mistake my father got me married to a leper and removed me from the house. Thus removed from there I have been roaming round the earth, it is you who has crossed me over this ocean of trouble. Oh Devi I offer my salutations to you. Please protect me the misfortune. Brahmaji said Oh Vrishpathi this way Sumati prayed to the Devi. Hearing her prayers and words the Devi was very happy and said to the Brahmini you will have a son named Udalak who will be very intelligent, wealthy, hardworking and brilliant son very soon. The Devi then again told the Brahmini you could again ask for any other boon you wish to ask. Hearing these words of Goddess Durga Sumati said, O Goddess Durga if you are happy with me then kindly explain to me the rituals and way to do the Navratri fast and also the fruit one can achieve. Kindly explain in detail to me. Thus hearing these words of the Brahmin, Durga said, O Brahmin I will narrate to you the complete procedure of the rituals of the Navratri fast, which removes all the sins. By hearing this one is free from all the sins and attains Moksha (liberation). In the month of Ashwin during the shukla period from the very first day till the 9th day one should keep a fast. If whole day fast is not possible then one meal can be eaten during the day. Asking educated and imminent Brahmins Kalash and wheat grains should be installed and everyday water should be poured on that vessel. Making clay figures of Mahakali, Mahalakshmi and Mahasaraswathi, everyday according to the rituals one should worship and also offer flowers and worship as per rituals. With Bijora flowers one gets beauty, Jaiphul gives brilliance, Amla gives happiness, Banana gives jewelry. In this way with fruits doing the rituals and Havana also with wheat doing the homa one gets wealth. With kheer one gets Moksha, with the flowers of Champa one gets money, leaves gives light and happiness. Amla gives work and banana gives son, lotus gives kingly respect and wealth and happiness. Kheer, ghee, coconut, honey, jowar and til (mustard seed) and fruits with all these one should do homa and one will achieve whatever one desires. The one performing the fast should with immense devotion pay obeisance to the acharya and for the yagna performance give dakshina. The one who follows the instructions regarding this great fast he gets all the happiness and there is not an iota of doubt that during these nine days all that is given in charity will get fruit in the multitude of crores. Oh Brahmin, the entire fulfilling ritual and fasting should be done in the temple or in the house as per the instruction. Brahmaji said to Vrishpathi, this way explaining to the Brahmin the procedure of fasting as per the rituals Goddess Durga disappeared.

Those men and women who keep this fast with devotion get in this loka happiness and in the end get Moksha. Oh Vrishpathi, this remover of sorrow fast importance I have told it for you. Hearing these words of Brahmaji, Vrishpathiji became happy and said to Brahmaji. Oh Brahmaji you have blessed me immensely and in the form of nectar explained the importance of the Navratri fast, O Lord other than you, who could explain the importance so beautifully. Hearing these words of Vrishpathi, Brahmaji said O Vrishpathi, the remover of obstacles for all mankinds, this magnificent fast you have asked me you are blessed, Bhagwathi Shakti (power) is bestowed to all people. This MahaDevi (Great Goddess) power who can understand.

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