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One of us is lying is a young adult, mystery/suspense novel by American author Karen M. McManus, in high quality and in printable format, download it using direct link

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One of Us is Lying PDF - Overview

One of Us Is Lying is a young adult, mystery/suspense novel by American author Karen M. McManus. The book is her debut novel, originally published in the US by Delacorte Press, an imprint of Penguin Random House, on 30 May 2017. The book uses multiperspectivity to show the points-of-view of all four student suspects. It has received several accolades including a 166-week run on the New York Times best-seller list.

A television series based on the One of Us is Lying novel was originally in development from E! in September 2017. However, the project was moved to NBCUniversal, who gave it a pilot order in August 2019 for Peacock. After the pilot was filmed in November 2019, the project was given a series order in August 2020 for a total of eight episodes. The remaining seven episodes were filmed in New Zealand. The series premiered on October 7, 2021.

One of Us is Lying

Characters of One of Us is Lying

  • Bronwyn Rojas: One of the four point-of-view characters; the ‘brain’. Is an overachiever and Yale-hopeful from a well-to-do family who are also Ivy League graduates. She is a member, and often founder, of several after-school clubs.
  • Nathaniel Macauley: One of the four point-of-view characters; the ‘criminal’. Is a ‘bad boy’ who is on probation for selling drugs. He lives with his alcoholic father after his unpredictable, drug-addicted mother left and supposedly died several years ago.
  • Adelaide Prentiss: One of the four point-of-view characters; the ‘princess’. Is one of the popular students at the school. She is besotted with her boyfriend, Jake, but her secret is that she cheated on him with TJ, another boy within their friendship group.
  • Cooper Clay: One of the four point-of-view characters; the ‘jock’. He is a promising baseball star who is accused of steroid use by Simon’s post. It is later revealed that the original post was edited and his secret removed, but it eventually comes to light that he is gay.
  • Simon Kelleher: Self-proclaimed omniscient narrator and creator of About That, the gossip app revolving around the students of the fictional American high school, Bayview High.
  • Maeve Rojas: Bronwyn’s younger sister. She takes a proactive role alongside Bronwyn in trying to solve the murder. She has also been featured in a post by Simon. She suffered from leukemia at the young age of seven.
  • Jake Riordan: Addy’s boyfriend and old friend of Simon’s. He has a controlling nature, and when Addy’s secret comes to light, he breaks up with her.
  • Ashton Prentiss: Addy’s older sister. She has a rocky relationship with her husband Charlie, so spends a lot of time at the family home. She dislikes Jake and the way he treats Addy.
  • Janae: Janae is Simon’s best friend. She plays a crucial role in the climax. She becomes friends with Addy. She is insecure.
  • Eli Kleinfelter: Lawyer who works for the pro bono legal group Until Proven. Bronwyn reaches out to him to defend Nate because he has no lawyer.
  • Kris: He is Cooper’s secret boyfriend. He helps to decode the mystery.
  • TJ: A student of Bayview High, whom Addy cheats on Jake with.
  • Mikhail Powers: A reporter who takes an interest in Simon’s case.
  • Mr. Avery: A strict teacher in Bayview High.
  • Vanessa: Addy’s enemy who relentlessly mocks her after her secret comes out.
  • Luis: Cooper’s best friend and one of the only people to stand by his side after his secret comes out.
  • Mrs. Macauley: Nate’s mother, a bipolar addict who abandoned him
  • Keeley: Cooper’s ex-girlfriend, who he pretended to like so he wouldn’t be found out for being gay
  • Officer Lopez: Nate’s probation officer

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