Openfoam User Guide v9

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Openfoam User Guide v9 PDF

PDF NameOpenfoam User Guide v9
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Download PDF of Openfoam User Guide v9 from using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Openfoam User Guide v9 PDF - Overview

Openfoam user guide v9 – This guide accompanies the release of version 9 of the Open Source Field Operation and Manipulation (OpenFOAM) C++ libraries. It provides a description of the basic operation of OpenFOAM.

OpenFOAM is a framework for developing application executable that use packaged functionality contained within a collection of over 100 C++ libraries. OpenFOAM is shipped with approximately 200 pre-built applications that fall into two categories: solvers, which are each designed to solve a specific problem in fluid (or continuum) mechanics; and utilities, which are designed to perform tasks that involve data manipulation. The solvers in OpenFOAM cover a wide range of problems in fluid dynamics.

Users can extend the collection of solvers, utilities, and libraries in OpenFOAM, using some prerequisite knowledge of the underlying method, physics, and programming techniques involved.

Openfoam User Guide v9

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Contents of openfoam user guide v9

  •  Introduction
  • Tutorials
    Lid-driven cavity flow
    Stress analysis of a plate with a hole
    Breaking of a dam
  • Applications and libraries
    The programming language of OpenFOAM
    Compiling applications and libraries
    Running applications
    Running applications in parallel
    Standard solvers
    Standard utilities
  • OpenFOAM cases
    The file structure of OpenFOAM cases
    Basic input/output file format
    Global controls
    Time and data input/output control
    Numerical schemes
    Solution and algorithm control
    Case management tools
  • Mesh generation and conversion
    Mesh description
    Mesh generation with the blockMesh utility
    Mesh generation with the snappyHexMesh utility
    Mesh conversion
    Mapping fields between different geometries
  • Post-processing
    ParaView/paraFoam graphical user interface (GUI)
    Post-processing command line interface (CLI)
    Sampling and monitoring data
    Third-Party post-processing
  • Models and physical properties
    Thermophysical models
    Turbulence models
    Transport/rheology models
  • Index
Download Openfoam User Guide v9 PDF from using the direct download link given below.

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