Oxford Knee Score-OKS

PDF about the oxford knee score-OKS in high quality and in printable format, it is a 12 question patient report to assess function and pain after total knee replacement surgery, download it using direct link

Oxford Knee Score-OKS PDF

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Download PDF of Oxford Knee Score-OKS from www.ozorthopaedics.com.au using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Oxford Knee Score-OKS PDF - Overview

The Oxford Knee Score-OKS in high quality, It is a 12-item patient-reported Pro specifically designed and developed to assess function and pain after total knee replacement (TKR) surgery (arthroplasty). It is short, reproducible, valid and sensitive to clinically important changes.

The original evaluation of Oxford Knee Score-OKS was as that each of the 12 answers are assigned the previously defined number of points. They range from 1 – least difficult to 5 – most difficult, The 12 ratings are then added together to give a total score used to assess the patient. The possible total score ranges from 12 to 60 points. Here, a low score (e.g. 12 points) indicates good outcomes and vice versa.

Because of misunderstandings concerning this, the right holders proposed a different system where response points range from 0 to 4 with a total score range from 0 to 48. Here, a high score (e.g. 48) indicates satisfactory joint function and vice versa.

Oxford Knee Score-OKS

Questions asked in Oxford Knee Score-OKS, During the past 4 weeks

  • How would you describe the pain you usually have from your knee?
  • Have you had any trouble with washing and drying yourself (all over) because of your knee?
  • Have you had any trouble getting in and out of a car or using public transport because of your knee?
  • For how long have you been able to walk before pain from your knee becomes severe?
  • After a meal (sat at a table), how painful has it been for you to stand up from a chair because of your knee?
  • Have you been limping when walking, because of your knee?
  • Could you kneel down and get up again afterwards?
  • Have you been troubled by pain from your knee in bed at night?
  • How much has pain from your knee interfered with your usual work (including housework)?
  • Have you felt that your knee might suddenly ‘give way’ or let you down?
  • Could you do the household shopping on your own?
  • Could you walk down one flight of stairs?

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Download Oxford Knee Score-OKS PDF from www.ozorthopaedics.com.au using the direct download link given below.

Oxford Knee Score-OKS PDF Download Link

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