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Photoshop Shortcut Keys PDF

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Download PDF of Photoshop Shortcut Keys from OliPDF using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Photoshop Shortcut Keys PDF – Overview

Using Photoshop Shortcut Keys while editing on Photoshop can enhance your productivity and save you a lot of time. We, here bring your the Adobe Photoshop shortcut keys PDF which you can download for free. In this PDF, you can find the complete list of shortcut keys for Photoshop for different tasks.

All the functions and tasks in Adobe Photoshop are accomplished by using Shortcut Keys. While using Navigation menu in Photoshop, it will take much time to respond but if you stroke a Key, it will respond immediately.

By using Photoshop Shortcut Keys, it will save your time and effort and maintain the workflow.

Photoshop Shortcut Keys

Below is the list of Photoshop shortcut keys which are most common and frequently used.

Shortcut KeyTask
Ctrl + TTo perform free transform
Hold down ` (grave accent)To toggle between painting and erasing with the same brush.
[To decrease the brush size.
]To increase the brush size.
{To decrease the brush hardness.
}To increase the brush hardness.
Left Arrow (anti-clockwise),
Right Arrow (clockwise)
To rotate the brush tip by 1 degree
Shift + Left Arrow(anti-clockwise),
Shift + Right Arrow (clockwise)To rotate the brush tip by 15 degrees
DTo activate the default foreground/background colors.
XTo switch the Foreground/Background colors.
Alt-click layerTo fit layer(s) to screen
Ctrl + JTo create a new layer via copy
Shift + Ctrl + JTo create a new layer via cut
Any selection tool + Shift-dragAdd to a selection
Alt-click brush or swatchTo delete brush or swatch
Control-clickTo toggle auto-select with the move tool
Ctrl + Alt + PTo close all open documents (other than the current document)
EscTo cancel any modal dialog window.
EnterTo select the first edit field of the toolbar
TabTo navigate between fields
Tab + ShiftTo navigate between fields in the opposite direction
AltTo change the cancel to reset option

Photoshop Function Keys Shortcuts

The shortcuts keys for Photoshop given below are related to function keys from F1 to F12.

Shortcut KeyTask
F1To start help
F2To cut a selection
F3To copy a selection
F4To paste a cut/copied content
F5To show/hide brush panel
F6To show/hide the color panel
F7To show/hide layers panel
F8To show/hide Info panel
F9To show/hide actions panel
F12To apply Revert operation
Shift + F5Fill
Shift + F6To activate feather selection
Shift + F7To activate an inverse selection

Shortcut Keys for Photoshop PDF – Contents

The PDF of shortcut keys for photoshop given below also has the complete list of shortcut keys for the following editing features / functions.

    • Search Key
    • Selection Key
    • View Images Key
    • Selection and Mask
    • Filter Gallery Key
    • Liquify Filter Keys
    • Vanishing Point Keys
    • Camera Raw Dialog Box Keys
    • Curves Keys
    • Select And Move Objects Keys
    • Transform, Selection , And Selection Border Keys
    • Editing Path Keys
    • Painting Shortcut Keys
    • Blending Modes Keys
    • Text Manipulation Keys
    • Format Type Keys
    • Panel Keys

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Download Photoshop Shortcut Keys PDF from OliPDF using the direct download link given below.

Photoshop Shortcut Keys PDF Download Link

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