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Ready Player One PDF – Overview

Ready Player One is a 2011 science fiction novel, and the debut novel of American author Ernest Cline. The story, set in a dystopia in 2045, follows protagonist Wade Watts on his search for an Easter egg in a worldwide virtual reality game, the discovery of which would lead him to inherit the game creator’s fortune. Cline sold the rights to publish the novel in June 2010.

In 2012, The Ready Player One book received an Alex Award from the Young Adult Library Services Association division of the American Library Association and won the 2011 Prometheus Award. A film adaptation, screenwritten by Cline and Zak Penn and directed by Steven Spielberg, was released on March 29, 2018. A sequel novel, Ready Player Two, was released on November 24, 2020, to a widely negative critical reception.

Ready Player One

Synopsis of Ready Player One

In the 2040s, the world has been gripped by an energy crisis from the depletion of fossil fuels and the consequences of pollution, global warming and overpopulation, causing widespread social problems, poverty, and economic stagnation.

To escape the decline their world is facing, people turn to the OASIS, a virtual reality simulator accessible for free by players using visors and haptic technology such as gloves. It functions both as an MMORPG and as a virtual world where people can go to school, get a job or go shopping, with its currency being the most stable in the real world.

It was created by James Donovan Halliday, founder of Gregarious Simulation Systems (formerly Gregarious Games), who made a posthumous video of his will stating to the public that he had left an Easter egg inside the OASIS, and the first person to find it would inherit his entire fortune, ownership of his corporation as well as complete control of the OASIS itself, which is worth trillions.

The story follows the adventures of Wade Watts, starting about five years after the announcement, when he discovers one of the three keys which unlock three successive gates leading to the treasure.

Characters of Ready Player One

  • Wade Owen Watts a.k.a. Parzival
  • James Donovan Halliday a.k.a. Anorak
  • Aech
  • Samantha Cook a.k.a. Art3mis
  • Ogden “Og” Morrow a.k.a. The Great and Powerful Og
  • Daito
  • Shoto
  • Nolan Sorrento a.k.a. IOI-655321

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