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Sri Satyanarayana Story in English PDF

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Sri Satyanarayana Story in English PDF – Overview

Sri Satyanarayana Story PDF has five chapters. Maharishi Sooth narrates the Sri Satyanarayana Story to the 88,000 rishis in the forest. The Satyanarayana Pooja is a religious ritual worship of the Hindu god Vishnu. The Pooja is described in the Skanda Purana, a medieval era Sanskrit text.

The Satyanarayana Pooja is performed in reverence to the Narayan form of Lord Vishnu. The Lord in this form is considered an existence of truth. This Pooja is conducted to ensure abundance in ones life. It is a ritual performed by devotees on any important occasion like marriage, house warming ceremony etc.

Sri Satyanarayana Vrat Story

Here is the first Sri Satyanarayana story

CHAPTER 1 of Sri Satyanarayana Story
Once, Shounaka and 88,000 other rishis assembled at the forest Naimisharanya. They asked Maharishi Sootha, the narrator of the Puranas, “Oh! Maharishi, please tell us how mankind can attain salvation?” Maharishi Sootha answered: “Once Narada Muni asked Lord Vishnu the same question. I will tell you what Lord Vishnu told Narada, so listen carefully.” Once, Narada, during one of his travels to the various worlds, came to earth.

There he saw the people suffering as a result of their past deeds. To reduce their suffering and bring them Salvation, Narada went to Vishnu Loka. There he found Lord Vishnu decorated with ‘Sanhka’, ‘Chakra’, ‘Gadha’ and Lotus in his four hands and a Garland around his neck. Narada spoke humbly: “Oh, Supreme Lord, the savior of the poor and the troubled, I surrender at your feet.”

Lord Vishnu asked: “Narada, why have you come here? Tell me what you want and I will fulfill your wishes.” Narada replied, “Oh, Bhagavan, people on earth are suffering in many ways as a result of their own past sinful deeds. Kindly reveal to me a way to help them.” Lord Vishnu replied, “Oh, Narada, mankind can rid itself of all its sorrows by performing a Pooja called Satyanarayana Pooja. When performed properly, this puja will bring happiness, peace of mind and wealth in this life and salvation beyond.”

On hearing this, Narada was filled with joy and addressed Lord Vishnu: “Oh Lord, please tell me the details of the Pooja that you just mentioned. When to perform it, how to perform it and who has performed it before?” Lord Vishnu answered: “This puja can be performed any month on a full-moon day. One must gather his friends and relatives perform the puja with devotion.

He should offer fruits, ghee, milk, curd, butter, wheat flour, sugar and honey to the God. After the puja is over, he must read the Satyanarayana Katha and distribute prasad to everybody. When performed in this manner, this puja will bring fulfillment of one’s wishes. Particularly, in the Kaliyuga, this puja brings contentment.”

CHAPTER 2 of Sri Satyanarayana Story
Maharishi Sootha continued addressing the assembled rishis, “Oh Rishis, I will tell you about people who performed the Satyanarayana puja in the past. Once, there lived a very poor Brahmin in the beautiful city of Kasi. He did not have food to eat. He used to wander in search of food every day.

Lord Vishnu took the form of an old man, appeared before the poor Brahmin and asked: “Friend, why are you wandering aimlessly?” The poor Brahmin replied, “Sir, I am a very poor man. Unable to bear the hunger, I beg for alms. Sir, can you please show me a way out of this misery? ” Lord Vishnu, who was in the guise of the old man, replied: “Oh, Brahmin, Lord Satyanarayana grants his devotee’s wishes and removes their sorrows. So you should perform His Pooja and reap its benefits.”

Lord Vishnu then explained the details of the Satyanarayana Vratha to the poor Brahmin and disappeared. The poor Brahmin immediately decided to perform the Pooja. After a sleepless night, he got up early in the morning and went to beg for alms. His mind was fixed on only one thing, namely the Pooja.

That day he got a lot of money. He bought fruits, milk, curd and honey. He performed the Pooja with his relatives and friends. With Lord Satyanarayana’s grace, he shed his poverty and lived a contented life. Every month on the full moon day he performed the puja and finally attained Moksha (salvation). In this manner, Maharishi Sootha explained the significance of Satyanarayana Pooja. The rishis again addressed Maharishi Maharishi Sootha continued: One day when the Brahmin was observing the Satyanarayana Vratha, a wood-cutter entered his house and asked for water.

He noticed the Brahmin was performing a puja. He asked what the Pooja was and what good it would bring. The Brahmin replied: “This is called Satyanarayana Vratha. Anyone who observes this Vrata will get all riches. I have been bestowed with prosperity.” The wood-culler was delighted to hear this. He learned the proper way to perform the puja. He also took the prasad that was offered and went his way. With Lord Satyanarayana in his mind, the wood- cutter decided that he would observe the Vrata with whatever he was going to make by selling firewood that day.

He went to that part of the city where rich people lived. He sold firewood and made twice the normal profit. Pleased with his luck he bought bananas, sugar, ghee,-milk, curd, honey and wheat flour. He invited his friends and relatives and performed the Satyanarayana puja. By Lord Narayana’s grace, he acquired enormous wealth and lived comfortably and attained moksha (salvation).

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