Sunday School Commentary

PDF of sunday school commentary based on the international lessons series, was developed consistent with the curriculum guidelines of the committee on the uniform series, in high quality, you can download it from the direct link

Sunday School Commentary PDF

PDF NameSunday School Commentary
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Sunday School Commentary PDF - Overview

The Townsend Press Sunday School Commentary, based on the International Lessons Series, was developed consistent with the curriculum guidelines of the Committee on the Uniform Series, Education Leadership Ministries Commission, National Council of the Churches of Christ in the United States of America.

The Townsend Press Sunday School Commentary is recognized as the centerpiece of a family of church-school literature designed especially to assist teachers in their presentation of the lessons as well as to broaden the knowledge base of students from the biblical perspective, It provide religious educational experiences and spiritual resources for constituency throughout this nation, as well as many foreign countries.

Sunday School Commentary

Contents of Sunday School Commentary

  • Six-Year Cycle
  • List Of Printed Texts
  • Preface
  • Acknowledgments
  • Know Your Writers
  • Fall Quarter, 2021—Celebrating God
  • General Introduction
  • September: Unit I—God’s People Offer Praise
  • October: Unit Ii—Called To Praise God
  • November: Unit Iii—Visions Of Praise
  • December: Unit I—God Requires Justice
  • January: Unit Ii—God: The Source Of Justice
  • February: Unit Iii—Justice And Adversity
  • March: Unit I—Liberating Passover
  • April: Unit Ii—Liberating Gospels
  • May: Unit Iii—Liberating Letters
  • June: Unit I—God Delivers And Restores
  • July: Unit Ii—The Word: The Agent Of Creation
  • August: Unit Iii—The Great Hope Of The Saints
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