Surah Al Kahf

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Surah Al Kahf PDF

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Download PDF of Surah Al Kahf from using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Surah Al Kahf PDF - Overview

Surah Al-Kahf is the 18th chapter of the Qur’an. The surah titled in English means “The Cave” and it consists of 110 verses Inspirational Quote: “Wealth and children are [but] adornment of the worldly life. In a narration from the Prophet Muhammad pbuh it is stated that the one who reads Surah Al-Kahf on Fridays will find his entire week enlightened until the next Friday (al-Jaami).

Benefits of Reading Surah Al Kahf

Reading Surah Kahf on Friday has some significant benefits. Some of these benefits are mentioned below.
1) Secure Against Dajal Fitna
2) Shine Light
3) Forgive Sins
4) Protect from Poverty

Importance of Reciting Surah AL Kahf

Surah Kahf is the 18th Surah of Quran Kareem and has 110 verses and 12 rukus (Ayaat). The Surah explains to us the story of ancient followers who face hardship in society due to acceptance of truth and ask ALLAH protection and he protects them in a cave by a metaphoric sleep rest for centuries. Surah Kahf give us a clear message that those who believe in ALLAH and ask protection he surely protects.

Download Surah Al Kahf PDF from using the direct download link given below.

Surah Al Kahf PDF Download Link

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