Tender is The Flesh

Tender is the flesh PDF is a dystopian novel by argentine author Agustina Bazterricain high quality and in printable format, you can download it from using the direct link

Tender is The Flesh PDF

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Tender is The Flesh PDF - Overview

Tender is the Flesh is a dystopian novel by Argentine author Agustina Bazterrica. The novel was originally published in Spanish in 2017 and translated by Sarah Moses into English in 2020. It portrays a society in which a virus has contaminated all animal meat. Because of the lack of animal flesh, cannibalism becomes legal. Marcos, a human meat supplier, is conflicted by this new society, and tortured by his own personal losses.

Tender is the Flesh was a winner of Argentina’s Premio Clarin de Novela prize and was praised by several critics. The New York Times Book Review’s Daniel Kraus described the novel as powerful in displaying the monstrosities and desires of the hierarchical structure of capitalism. Kraus also identified that replacing pigs with humans completely alters the view within the novel of industrialized farming. Justine Jordan of The Guardian saw the landscape of the novel as similar to Argentine author Samanta Schweblin’s novel Fever Dream.

Tender is The Flesh

Main characters of Tender is The Flesh

  • Marcos: Right-hand man to the owner of the most reputable meat processing plant; he is in charge of daily operations and the supply and distribution of human meat (also called “special meat”).
  • Jasmine: a human bred for consumption and given to Marcos. She is the mother of Marcos’ second son.
  • Don Armando: Marcos’ father. He suffers from dementia and lives in a nursing home.
  • Cecilia: Marcos’ estranged wife. She and Marcos communicate mostly over the phone.
  • Marisa: Marcos’ sister. Obsessed with status and climbing social ladders, Marisa uses her dead father’s wake to show off her human meat accessories.

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