The Black Phone

The black phone PDF is a short story written by Joe hill, in high quality and in printable format

The Black Phone PDF

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The Black Phone PDF - Overview

The Black Phone is a short story written by Joe Hill. It was first published in issue #39 of The Third Alternative in 2004, and later included in Hill’s own 2005 collection 20th Century Ghosts. The story was later released by Harper Collins e-books on 3 February 2009.

The Black Phone story is that Thirteen-year-old Finney is kidnapped by a man named The Grabber. Trapped in a basement room, the boy’s only hope may lie in a mysterious disconnected black phone hanging on the basement wall. The phone rings at night with the whispers of the kidnapper’s previous  victims.

The Black Phone

The story starts as follows:

The fat man on the other side of the road was about to drop his groceries. He had a paper bag in each arm, and was struggling to jam a key into the back door of his van. Finney sat on the front steps of Poole’s Hardware, a bottle of grape soda in one hand, watching it all. The fat man was going to lose his groceries the moment he got the door open. The one in his left arm was already sliding free.

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