The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7

The chronicles of narnia books 1–7, in high quality, the chronicles of narnia is a series of seven fantasy novels by british author C. S. Lewis. Illustrated by pauline baynes and originally published between 1950 and 1956, download it using direct link

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 PDF

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The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 PDF - Overview

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 complete 7 series of the Chronicles of Narnia book in high quality, The Chronicles of Narnia is a series of seven fantasy novels by British author C. S. Lewis. Illustrated by Pauline Baynes and originally published between 1950 and 1956, The Chronicles of Narnia has been adapted for radio, television, the stage, film and video games. The series is set in the fictional realm of Narnia, a fantasy world of magic, mythical beasts and talking animals.

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 narrates the adventures of various children who play central roles in the unfolding history of the Narnian world. Except in The Horse and His Boy, the protagonists are all children from the real world who are magically transported to Narnia, where they are sometimes called upon by the lion Aslan to protect Narnia from evil. The books span the entire history of Narnia, from its creation in The Magician’s Nephew to its eventual destruction in The Last Battle.

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7

Contents of The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7
The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – The Magician’s Nephew

  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: The Wrong Door
  • Chapter Two: Digory and His Uncle
  • Chapter Three: The Wood Between the Worlds
  • Chapter Four: The Bell and the Hammer
  • Chapter Five: The Deplorable Word
  • Chapter Six: The Beginning of Uncle Andrew’s Troubles
  • Chapter Seven: What Happened at the Front Door
  • Chapter Eight: The Fight at the Lamp-post
  • Chapter Nine: The Founding of Narnia
  • Chapter Ten: The First Joke and Other Matters
  • Chapter Eleven: Digory and His Uncle Are Both in Trouble
  • Chapter Twelve: Strawberry’s Adventure
  • Chapter Thirteen: An Unexpected Meeting
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Planting of the Tree
  • Chapter Fifteen: The End of This Story and the Beginning of All the Others

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: Lucy Looks into a Wardrobe
  • Chapter Two: What Lucy Found There
  • Chapter Three: Edmund and the Wardrobe
  • Chapter Four: Turkish Delight
  • Chapter Five: Back on This Side of the Door
  • Chapter Six: Into the Forest
  • Chapter Seven: A Day with the Beavers
  • Chapter Eight: What Happened after Dinner
  • Chapter Nine: In the Witch’s House
  • Chapter Ten: The Spell Begins to Break
  • Chapter Eleven: Aslan Is Nearer
  • Chapter Twelve: Peter’s First Battle
  • Chapter Thirteen: Deep Magic from the Dawn of Time
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Triumph of the Witch
  • Chapter Fifteen: Deeper Magic from Before the Dawn of Time
  • Chapter Sixteen: What Happened about the Statues
  • Chapter Seventeen: The Hunting of the White Stag

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – The Horse and His Boy

  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: How Shasta Set Out on His Travels
  • Chapter Two: A Wayside Adventure
  • Chapter Three: At the Gates of Tashbaan
  • Chapter Four: Shasta Falls In With the Narnians
  • Chapter Five: Prince Corin
  • Chapter Six: Shasta Among the Tombs
  • Chapter Seven: Aravis in Tashbaan
  • Chapter Eight: In the House of the Tisroc
  • Chapter Nine: Across the Desert
  • Chapter Ten: The Hermit of the Southern March
  • Chapter Eleven: The Unwelcome Fellow Traveler
  • Chapter Twelve: Shasta in Narnia
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Fight at Anvard
  • Chapter Fourteen: How Bree Became a Wiser Horse
  • Chapter Fifteen: Rabadash the Ridiculous

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – Prince Caspian

  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: The Island
  • Chapter Two: The Ancient Treasure House
  • Chapter Three: The Dwarf
  • Chapter Four: The Dwarf Tells of Prince Caspian
  • Chapter Five: Caspian’s Adventure in the Mountains
  • Chapter Six: The People That Lived in Hiding
  • Chapter Seven: Old Narnia in Danger
  • Chapter Eight: How They Left the Island
  • Chapter Nine: What Lucy Saw
  • Chapter Ten: The Return of the Lion
  • Chapter Eleven: The Lion Roars
  • Chapter Twelve: Sorcery and Sudden Vengeance
  • Chapter Thirteen: The High King in Command
  • Chapter Fourteen: How All Were Very Busy
  • Chapter Fifteen: Aslan Makes a Door in the Air

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: The Picture in the Bedroom
  • Chapter Two: On Board the Dawn Treader
  • Chapter Three: The Lone Islands
  • Chapter Four: What Caspian Did There
  • Chapter Five: The Storm and What Came of It
  • Chapter Six: The Adventures of Eustace
  • Chapter Seven: How the Adventure Ended
  • Chapter Eight: Two Narrow Escapes
  • Chapter Nine: The Island of the Voices
  • Chapter Ten: The Magician’s Book
  • Chapter Eleven: The Dufflepuds Made Happy
  • Chapter Twelve: The Dark Island
  • Chapter Thirteen: The Three Sleepers
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Beginning of the End of the World
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Wonders of the Last Sea
  • Chapter Sixteen: The Very End of the World

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – The Silver Chair

  • Dedication
  • Chapter One: Behind the Gym
  • Chapter Two: Jill Is Given a Task
  • Chapter Three: The Sailing of the King
  • Chapter Four: A Parliament of Owls
  • Chapter Five: Puddleglum
  • Chapter Six: The Wild Waste Lands of the North
  • Chapter Seven: The Hill of the Strange Trenches
  • Chapter Eight: The House of Harfang
  • Chapter Nine: How They Discovered Something Worth Knowing
  • Chapter Ten: Travels Without the Sun
  • Chapter Eleven: In the Dark Castle
  • Chapter Twelve: The Queen of Underland
  • Chapter Thirteen: Underland Without the Queen
  • Chapter Fourteen: The Bottom of the World
  • Chapter Fifteen: The Disappearance of Jill
  • Chapter Sixteen: The Healing of Harms

The Chronicles of Narnia Books 1–7 – The Last Battle

  • Chapter One: By Caldron Pool
  • Chapter Two: The Rashness of the King
  • Chapter Three: The Ape in Its Glory
  • Chapter Four: What Happened That Night
  • Chapter Five: How Help Came to the King
  • Chapter Six: A Good Night’s Work
  • Chapter Seven: Mainly About Dwarfs
  • Chapter Eight: What News the Eagle Brought
  • Chapter Nine: The Great Meeting on Stable Hill
  • Chapter Ten: Who Will Go Into the Stable?
  • Chapter Eleven: The Pace Quickens
  • Chapter Twelve: Through the Stable Door
  • Chapter Thirteen: How the Dwarfs Refused to Be Taken In
  • Chapter Fourteen: Night Falls on Narnia
  • Chapter Fifteen: Further Up and Further In
  • Chapter Sixteen: Farewell to Shadowlands


  • Introduction
  • Animal-Land
  • The King’s Ring
  • Manx Against Manx
  • The Relief of Murry
  • History of Mouse-Land from Stone-Age to Bublish I (Old History)
  • History of Animal-Land (New History)
  • The Chess Monograph
  • The Geography of Animal-Land


  • Boxen: or Scenes from Boxonian City Life
  • The Locked Door and Than-Kyu
  • The Sailor
  • Littera Scripta Manet
  • Tararo
  • The Life of Lord John Big of Bigham
  • Encyclopedia Boxoniana
  • The History of Boxen
  • Copyright
  • About the Author
  • Back Ads
  • Credit
  • Copyright
  • About the Publisher

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