The Return of the King

The return of the king is the third and final volume of j. R. R. Tolkien's the lord of the rings, following the fellowship of the ring and the two towers, It was published in 1955, in high quality, download it using direct link

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The Return of the King PDF - Overview

The Return of the King is the third and final volume of J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings, following The Fellowship of the Ring and The Two Towers. It was published in 1955. The story begins in the kingdom of Gondor, which is soon to be attacked by the Dark Lord Sauron. Tolkien conceived of The Lord of the Rings as a single work comprising six books plus extensive appendices. In 1953, he proposed titles for the six books to his publisher, Rayner Unwin.

Rayner Unwin however split the work into three volumes, publishing the fifth and sixth books with the appendices into the final volume with the title The Return of the King. Book Five was to be The War of the Ring, while Book Six was to be The End of the Third Age. These titles were eventually used in the (2000) Millennium edition. Tolkien felt the chosen title revealed too much of the story, and indicated that he preferred The War of the Ring as a title for the volume.

The Return of the King

Contents of The Return of the King
Book Five

  • Minas Tirith
  • The Passing Of The Grey Company
  • The Muster Of Rohan
  • The Siege Of Gondor
  • The Ride Of The Rohirrim
  • The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields
  • The Pyre Of Denethor
  • The Houses Of Healing
  • The Last Debate
  • The Black Gate Opens

Book Six

  • The Tower Of Cirith Ungol
  • The Land Of Shadow
  • Mount Doom
  • The Field Of Cormallen
  • The Steward And The King
  • Many Partings
  • Homeward Bound
  • The Scouring Of The Shire
  • The Grey Havens


  • Annals Of The Kings And Rulers
  • The Nu ́ Meno ́rean Kings
  • The House Of Eorl
  • Durin’s Folk
  • The Tale Of Years
  • Chronology Of The Westlands
  • Family Trees Hobbits
  • Calendars
  • Writing And Spelling
  • Pronunciation Of Words And Names
  • Writing
  • The Languages And Peoples Of The
  • Third Age
  • On Translation
  • Indexes
  • Poems And Songs
  • Poems And Phrases In Languages
  • Other Than Common Speech
  • Persons, Places And Things
  • About The Publisher
  • Copyright
  • Works By J.R.R. Tolkien
  • Maps

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