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Tommy Kono Book

Tommy Kono, a Japanese American weightlifter in Tommy Kono Book reveals his knowledge and experiences to cut the time and effort to reach the top in the sport of Olympic Weightlifting.

Kono, whose weightlifting background spans over five decades, worked on this book for four years, poring over notes, data and photos while making numerous sketches and illustrations so the readers will get a clearer understanding of his text.

This Tommy Kono book covers all the information for developing excellent technique in the Olympic lifts, logical arrangement of your lifting program, insight into all aspects relating to good performance in competition, and even gives ten examples of his own lifting experiences from which you can greatly benefit.

Tommy Kono Book – Coverage

  1. Improve your lifting technique so you will lift more weights.
  2. Shorten your work out time which will be more productive.
  3. Make training for Olympic lifting more enjoyable. 4. Improve your competition performance.
  4. Make you a “polished” lifter who the public would enjoy watching perform.
  5. Adapt to adverse lifting, training and contest conditions and still show improvement.
  6. Become a positive force in the gym, on the team and on the competition platform.
  7. Serve as a positive influence as a coach, manager, lifter, teammate and friend.
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