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Totakashtakam Lyrics PDF - Overview

The Totakashtakam is a divine hymn composed by Totakacharya to praise the greatness of Guru Adi Shankara.

The Totakashtakam Lyrics contain eight stanzas which are beautifully placed in such a manner where they explains the greatness of Jagadguru, Starting with the words Vidhi Thakhila Shastra Sudha Jaiadhe.

Apart from explaining Shankara’s compassion, his knowledge on Advaita Vedanta, and his importance, both the lyrics and Totakashtakam meaning seeks the blessings and protection of Guru to grant the divine knowledge and to uplift from the cycle of Samsara.

Totakacharya the composer of the Ashtakam, his initial name was Giri and he is one among the chief disciples of Adi Shankaracharya.
Adi Shankara enlighten Giri in all Shastras, although he was not bright as his other disciples but he was much loyal, devoted and pure at his heart.

After that he becomes Totakacharya and for his master’s mercy and greatness, he composed the Thotakashtakam.

Given below are the Totakashtakam lyrics in English with their meaning.

Totakashtakam Lyrics with English Meaning

Mahitopaniṣat Kathitārthanidhe .
Hṛdaye Kalaye Vimalaṃ Caraṇaṃ
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 1..

O Thou, The Knower Of All The Milk-ocean Of Scriptures! The Expounder Of The Topics Of The Great Upanisadic Treasure-trove! On Thy Faultless Feet I Meditate In My Heart. Be Thou My Refuge O Master, Sankara.

Karuṇāvaruṇālaya Pālaya Māṃ
Bhavasāgaraduḥkhavidūnahṛdam .
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 2..

O The Ocean Of Compassion! Save Me Whose Heart Is Tormented By The Misery Of The Sea Of Birth! Make Me Understand The Truths Of All The Schools Of Philosophy! Be Thou My Refuge, O Master, Sañkara.

Bhavatā Janatā Suhitā Bhavitā
Nijabodhavicāraṇa Cārumate .
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 3..

By Thee The Masses Have Been Made Happy, O Thou Who Hast A Noble Intellect, Skilled In The Inquiry Into Self-knowledge! Enable Me To Understand The Wisdom Relating To God And The Soul. Be Thou My Refuge, O Master, Sañkara.

Bhava Eva Bhavāniti Me Nitarāṃ
Samajāyata Cetasi Kautukitā .
Mama Vāraya Mohamahājaladhiṃ
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 4..

Knowing That Thou Art Verily The Supreme Lord, There Arises Overwhelming Bliss In My Heart. Protect Me From The Vast Ocean Of Delusion. Be Thou My Refuge, O Master, Sankara.

Sukṛte’dhikṛte Bahudhā Bhavato
Bhavitā Samadarśanalālasatā .
Atidīnamimaṃ Paripālaya Mā
Ṃbhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 5..

Desire For The Insight Into Unity Through Thee Will Spring Only When Virtuous Deeds Are Performed In Abundance And In Various Directions. Protect This Extremely Helpless Person. Be Thou My Refuge, O Master, Sañkara.

Jagatīmavituṃ Kalitākṛtayo
Vicaranti Mahāmahasaśchalataḥ .
Ahimāṃśurivātra Vibhāsi Guro
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 6..

O Teacher! For Saving The World The Great Assume Various Forms And Wander In Disguise. Of Them, Thou Shinest Like The Sun. Be Thou My Refuge, O Master, Sañkara.

Gurupuṃgava Puṃgavaketana Te
Samatāmayatāṃ Nahi Ko’pi Sudhīḥ .
Śaraṇāgatavatsala Tattvanidhe
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 7..

O The Best Of Teachers! The Supreme Lord Having The Bull As Banner! None Of The Wise Is Equal To Thee! Thou Who Art Compassionate To Those Who Have Taken Refuge! The Treasure-trove Of Truth! Be Thou My Refuge, O Master Sankara.

Viditā Na Mayā Viśadaikakalā
Na Ca Kiṃcana Kāñcanamasti Guro .
Drutameva Vidhehi Kṛpāṃ Sahajāṃ
Bhava Śaṃkara Deśika Me Śaraṇam .. 8..

Not Even A Single Branch Of Knowledge Has Been Understood By Me Correctly. Not Even The Least Wealth Do I Possess, O Teacher. Bestow On Me Quickly Thy Natural Grace. Be Thou My Refuge, O Master Sañkara.

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