Trading Junkies

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Trading Junkies PDF

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Trading Junkies PDF - Overview

Trading Junkies PDF / Trading Junkies Chart Patterns Book PDF for download, if you’re a price action trader or like to incorporate price action signals and patterns into your other trading systems, you can also give the inverse head and shoulders chart pattern a try.

Trading Junkies PDF will definitely help you understand the market trends and the scenario. It is in high quality and with diagrams, and 35 Powerful Candlestick Patterns, It also comes with chart patterns.

Trading Junkies

Here is a list of the major lessons discussed in Trading Junkies

  • The blank chart shows price movement, uptrends, downtrends, and areas where price moves horizontally. See “The Blank Chart.”
  • Begin constructing chart patterns by visually finding peaks that share similar prices. See “Connecting Peaks.”
  • Two peaks that top out near the same price could form a double top. See “Connecting Peaks.”
  • Search for chart patterns by looking for valleys that bottom near the same price. See “Connecting Valleys.”
  • If multiple peaks stop near the same price, look at the valleys between the peaks for a better clue to their type. They could be triple tops, an ascending triangle, or a broadening pattern. See “Connecting Valleys.”
  • Multiple valleys at a similar price could be a triple bottom, descending triangle, or a broadening pattern. See “Connecting Valleys.”
  • Look for curves on the price chart and connect those curves with imaginary lines to form chart patterns. See “Patterns with Curves.”
  • Curves appear in scallops, cups with handles, and rounding tops and bottoms. See “Patterns with Curves.”
  • Several types of chart patterns use diagonal lines. Look for trendlines that slope upward or downward when searching for chart patterns. See “Patterns with Diagonals.”
  • Use prior price action to help determine future behavior. See “Patterns with Diagonals.”
  • Diagonal trends occur in many broadening patterns, diamonds, and wedges. See “Patterns with Diagonals.”
  • Review the Visual Index of Chart Patterns at the back of the book for a visual reference
Download Trading Junkies PDF from OliPDF using the direct download link given below.

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