Unabomber Manifesto

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Unabomber Manifesto PDF

PDF NameUnabomber Manifesto
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Download PDF of Unabomber Manifesto from web.cecs.pdx.edu using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article.

Unabomber Manifesto PDF - Overview

Industrial Society and Its Future, widely called the Unabomber Manifesto, is a 35,000 word essay by Ted Kaczynski contending that the Industrial Revolution began a harmful process of technology destroying nature, while forcing humans to adapt to machines, and creating a sociopolitical order that suppresses human freedom and potential.

The Unabomber manifesto formed the ideological foundation of Kaczynski’s 1978–1995 mail bomb campaign, designed to protect wilderness by hastening the collapse of industrial society.

It was originally printed in 1995 in supplements to Washington Post and New York Times after Kaczynski offered to end his bombing campaign for national exposure. Attorney General Janet Reno authorized the printing to help the FBI identify the author.

Download Unabomber Manifesto PDF from web.cecs.pdx.edu using the direct download link given below.

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