Wilsons Prom Map

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Wilsons Prom Map PDF

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Wilsons Prom Map PDF - Overview

Wilsons Prom Map in high quality and in printable format, Wilsons Promontory National Park is on a peninsula southeast of Melbourne, Australia. It’s known for its rugged granite mountains and abundant wildlife, including kangaroos and wombats. Trails from the Tidal River settlement lead to Squeaky Beach, with its white quartz sand.

Wilsons Prom Map

There are 36 Mountains in Wilson Prom are given below

  1. Mount Latrobe – 2474ft
  2. Mount Wilson – 2326ft
  3. Mount Ramsay – 2251ft
  4. Sealers Peak – 2067ft
  5. Mount Vereker – 1923ft
  6. Mount Leonard – 1841ft
  7. Five Mile Peak – 1841ft
  8. Mount Oberon – 1831ft
  9. The Cathedral – 1719ft
  10. Mount Boulder – 1670ft
  11. Mount McAlister – 1509ft
  12. Mount Norgate – 1378ft
  13. South Peak – 1263ft
  14. Mount Hunter – 1138ft
  15. Telegraph Hill – 1122ft
  16. Mount Bishop – 1047ft
  17. Mount Roundback – 1040ft
  18. Sparkes Lookout Hill – 1030ft
  19. Martins Hill – 961ft
  20. Little Oberon – 902ft
  21. Lookout Rocks – 771ft
  22. Mount Margaret – 719ft
  23. Kersop Peak – 712ft
  24. Tidal Overlook – 502ft
  25. Mount Singapore – 482ft
  26. Tin Mine Hill – 427ft
  27. Sugarloaf – 305ft
  28. Leonard Point – 302ft
  29. Boat Harbour Hill – 236ft
  30. Sugarloaf – 171ft
  31. Lillypilly – 171ft
  32. Big Hummock – 164ft
  33. Little Sugarloaf – 115ft
  34. Pillar Point – 85ft
  35. Barrys Hill – 52ft
  36. Chinamans Knob – 43ft

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Download Wilsons Prom Map PDF from www.parks.vic.gov.au using the direct download link given below.

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