World Polluted City 2021 List

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World Polluted City 2021 List PDF

PDF NameWorld Polluted City 2021 List
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World Polluted City 2021 List PDF - Overview

This 2021 World Air Quality Report presents an overview of the state of global air quality in 2021. The report is based on PM2.5 air quality data from 6,475 cities in 117 countries, regions and territories around the world. The data used to create this report was generated by tens of thousands of regulatory and low-cost air quality monitoring stations operated by governments, non-profit organizations, research institutions, educational facilities, companies, and citizen scientists around the world.

Air pollution is now considered to be the world’s largest environmental health threat, accounting for seven million deaths around the world every year. Air pollution causes and aggravates many diseases, ranging from asthma to cancer, lung illnesses and heart disease. The estimated daily economic cost of air pollution has been figured at $8 billion (USD), or 3 to 4% of the gross world product.

Top 50 World Polluted City List 2021 PDF

RankCityPollution Index
1Tetovo, North Macedonia95.56
2Kathmandu, Nepal95.37
3Faridabad, India94.38
4Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia93.79
5Accra, Ghana93.65
6Beirut, Lebanon93.63
7Dhaka, Bangladesh93.5
8Ghaziabad, India93.08
9Noida, India92.43
10Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam92.35
11Kabul, Afghanistan92
12Gurgaon, India91.57
13Cairo, Egypt91.54
14Yangon, Myanmar91.51
15Baghdad, Iraq91.34
16Delhi, India90.52
17Karachi, Pakistan89.97
18Manila, Philippines89.86
19Lagos, Nigeria89.85
20Kanpur, India89.58
21Hanoi, Vietnam89.42
22Patna, India89.2
23Allahabad, India89.15
24Varanasi, India88.45
25Pattaya, Thailand88.36
26Chelyabinsk, Russia88.15
27Tirana, Albania88.11
28Raipur, India87.36
29Ludhiana, India86.11
30Amritsar, India86.04
31Lima, Peru85.11
32Krasnoyarsk, Russia84.88
33Jakarta, Indonesia84.42
34Cebu, Philippines84.33
35Marrakech, Morocco83.84
36Mumbai, India83.79
37Bangalore, India83.54
38Taichung, Taiwan83.34
39Agra, India83.19
40Gwalior, India83.01
41Quezon City, Philippines82.89
42Skopje, North Macedonia82.77
43Faisalabad, Pakistan82.73
44Beijing, China82.59
45Mexico City, Mexico82.27
46Casablanca, Morocco82.25
47Meerut, India81.43
48Tehran, Iran81.29
49Vientiane, Laos81.14
50Dnipro, Ukraine80.75
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