Worlds Without Number

Worlds without number is a fantasy role-playing game, one fully compatible with the hit sci-fi game Stars Without Number, in high quality and in printable format, download it using direct link

Worlds Without Number

PDF of Worlds Without Number

Authors : James L. Thompson

PDF Name : Worlds Without Number

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Category : eBooks

No. of Pages : 320

PDF Size : 8.35 MB

Language : English

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Worlds Without Number PDF – Overview

Worlds Without Number is a fantasy role-playing game, one fully compatible with the hit sci-fi game Stars Without Number. It’s built from the ground up to provide gritty, hard-edged adventure in the fathomless future of the Latter Earth, a fantastic realm of time-lost sorcery, savage foes, and barbaric splendor. The cold steel in the fists of your heroes and the half-understood sorcery in their tomes must suffice to overcome the monstrous remnants of ancient alien rulers and the present depredations of ruthless lords and hideous beasts alike.

Worlds Without Number isn’t just a savage game of steel and sorcery. It’s packed solid with system-neutral GM tools and worldbuilding support, with hundreds of pages of useful tools, tags, tables, and practical advice usable by any GM, regardless of their favorite setting or system. The well-loved sci-fi tools of Stars Without Number are reworked here to support fantasy gaming, whether in the provided setting of the Latter Earth or in your own carefully-crafted homebrew world.

Worlds Without Number

Contents of Worlds Without Number

  • Tales of the Latter Earth
  • Character Creation
  • The Rules of the Game
  • Magic and the Arcane Traditions
  • The World of the Latter Earth
  • Creating Your Campaign
  • Creating Adventures
  • Creatures of A Far Age
  • Factions and Major Projects
  • Index

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