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Buffalo Shooting Manifesto PDF – Overview

Buffalo Shooting Manifesto, 10 people have been killed and one suspect has been arrested in a gunman fired with body and body armor at a city supermarket, according to Buffalo Police Commissioner Joseph Gramaglia. Officials say the suspect is an 18-year-old white male. Investigators believe the man may have been live-streaming the shooting and looking to see if he posted any manifestos online. Authorities say the video shows the suspect walking into a supermarket and shooting several victims.

In Buffalo Shooting Manifesto the Erie County District Attorney’s office confirmed via NBC News that 18-year-old Peyton Gendron was being tried Saturday night (May 14) for one count of first-degree murder. The “Great Replacement” theory is a false theory that the Secret Service seeks to replace white Americans with non-white individuals through immigration, interracial marriage, and violence.The manifesto was shared on Google Docs at 8:55 pm on Thursday (May 12) two days before the shooting at Topps supermarket on Saturday (May 12) and has not been modified since it was initially shared.

Buffalo Shooting Manifesto

The Buffalo Shooting manifesto was shared on Google Docs at 8:55 pm on Thursday (May 12) two days before the shooting at Topps supermarket on Saturday (May 12) and has not been modified since it was initially shared.

List of mass shootings in the United States in 2022 PDF

2022 DateCityStateDeadInjuredTotalDescription
May 14Buffalo (3)New York103132022 Buffalo shooting: A shooter who was clad in body armor indiscriminately opened fire at a Tops supermarket, killing ten, including a security guard, and wounding three others.
May 13Milwaukee (4)Wisconsin017[n 2]17A gunfight among several groups of people wounded seventeen people following an NBA game in the East Town neighborhood.
May 13Dallas (4)Texas235Two people were killed and three were injured in a shooting in the Deep Ellum neighborhood.
May 12Hot SpringsArkansas044A fight outside a convention center following a high school graduation ceremony led to a shooting that injured four. No students or graduates were involved in the shooting or fight.
May 11PatersonNew Jersey145A teenage girl was killed and four men wounded in a shooting in the Sandy Hill neighborhood.
May 11Chicago (10)Illinois044Four people, including two children, were shot while they drove together in a vehicle in the West Englewood neighborhood.
May 11Saint Louis (2)Missouri134Four people, including a teenager and a baby, were injured in an ambush while they drove in a car in the Mark Twain neighborhood. One of the adult victims perished.
May 11Indianapolis (2)Indiana044Four people, including two teenagers, were shot along the Canal Walk after two groups of people began shooting at each other across the water following an argument.
May 10BrookshireTexas134A shooter shot four people, one fatally, before fleeing and sparking a manhunt.
May 10Chicago (9)Illinois066Six people were shot by two men in a drive-by shooting in the Jackson Park neighborhood on the South Side.
May 10Baltimore (6)Maryland055Five people were shot during a confrontation between two groups after at least one of the groups opened fire in northwestern Baltimore.
May 10Chicago (8)Illinois145Five teenagers outside in the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the South Side were shot, one fatally, by multiple occupants of a stolen vehicle.
May 10Baltimore (5)Maryland134Four people were shot, one fatally, in the Milton-Montford neighborhood.
May 10Philadelphia (5)Pennsylvania044Four people were shot, including two teenagers, in the Kensington neighborhood.
May 9Tuscaloosa (2)Alabama055An argument in the common area of an apartment complex led to a shooting that injured five.
May 9DetroitMichigan044A fight amongst a group of people in the Chandler Park neighborhood on the city’s east side led to four people, including three teenagers, being shot.
May 8ClarkstonGeorgia336Three people were killed and another three were injured in a shooting at a condominium complex. The shooter has not been found.
May 7GarlandTexas224A shooting outside a house party left two teens dead and two others injured shortly before midnight.
May 7FairfieldOhio134Four people were shot, one fatally, at a Fraternal Order of Police event center that had been reserved for a private party.
May 7BrownsvilleFlorida044A fight during an informal car meets among a group of people led to a shooting that injured four, including two juveniles.
May 7LexingtonKentucky235A shooting during the very early morning killed two and wounded three.
May 6New Orleans (4)Louisiana246A shooting in the Village de L’Est neighborhood left two killed and four others wounded.
May 5SunnysideWashington055During a Cinco de Mayo festival, a gang member shot at a member of a rival gang who was in a crowd of people, wounding five bystanders–including four children. The shooting prompted the cancellation of the event.
May 3NewkirkOklahoma044A shooting at a casino in Kaw Nation territory wounded four.
May 3BeaumontTexas055Someone shooting through an apartment window wounded five people.
May 3Baton Rouge (3)Louisiana055Five people were shot in a shooting incident during the evening.
May 3Chicago (7)Illinois044Three people were shot in the Chicago Loop as they sat at a red light at an intersection by two people. Another person was shot by a stray bullet as they crossed the street.
May 1Tarpon SpringsFlorida066An argument among a group of people led to someone opening fire, wounding six.
May 1SpringfieldOhio145Five people were shot, one fatally, on a street in the early morning.
May 1LafayetteLouisiana012[n 2]12Officers responding to shots fired engaged an active shooter and shot the attacker. Eleven people were shot before police stopped the shooter.
May 1ClintonNorth Carolina134A party being held at a park ended in gunfire, with four people being shot. One person succumbed to their injuries.
April 30Jackson (2)Mississippi1[n 2]56A shooting by multiple people at a festival wounded five. One of the shooters was fatally shot by a responding officer.
April 30Atlanta (4)Georgia145A fight in the Rosedale Heights neighborhood led to a shooting that killed one and injured four others.
April 29JacksonTennessee224Four teenagers were shot, two fatally, in a drive by shooting.
April 29Knoxville (3)Tennessee224Two people were killed and three others were injured after a fight between two biker gangs led to a gunfight in a bar parking lot in the Fountain City neighborhood.
April 29New Orleans (3)Louisiana066A shootout at a bar between two groups of people wounded six people in the 11th Ward neighborhood.
April 29LaurelMississippi044A shooting at a party injured four.
April 28BessemerAlabama134A woman was killed, and three other people were injured, including a teenager, in a revenge shooting.
April 27OpelousasLouisiana235An argument between two men escalated into a shooting that killed a young girl and another man. Three children, including a toddler, were also shot.
April 27Chicago (6)Illinois044Four people, including a teenager, were wounded in a drive-by shooting in the West Garfield Park neighborhood.
April 27Biloxi and GulfportMississippi404A man fatally shot three people, including the owner, at a motel in Biloxi before fleeing westward to Gulfport. In Gulfport, he fatally shot another man and carjacked his vehicle before barricading himself inside a convenience store. The shooter assaulted two employees of the convenience store but they escaped unharmed, after which he barricaded himself inside an office. The shooter set a fire in the room which caused him to die of smoke inhalation.
April 27Phoenix (2)Arizona044Four people were shot during an argument in the Maryvale Village neighborhood.
April 27San Antonio (4)Texas044During the filming of a music video at a barber shop, at least one person opened fire from a passing vehicle, wounding four. A fifth person was injured while trying to flee.
April 26Rock HillSouth Carolina314Three teenagers were fatally shot on a road in northwest Rock Hill. Another person was shot but survived.
April 25BirminghamAlabama134A shooting at a gathering at a Shell gas station wounded three and killed one.
April 24LafayetteIndiana246A fight at a house party led to six people being shot, with two dying from their injuries.
April 24Myrtle BeachSouth Carolina134Four people were shot, one fatally, during the early morning hours.
April 23San BernardinoCalifornia145Five people were shot, one fatally, in a shooting at a bar in the Muscupiabe neighborhood.
April 23Atlanta (3)Georgia055Five people were shot in the Hotel District neighborhood during the late night hours.
April 23Chicago (5)Illinois224Four people were shot, two fatally, in a drive-by shooting in the West Englewood neighborhood.
April 23Rocky MountNorth Carolina044A fight at a sports bar led to a shooting that injured four during the early morning hours in the Goldest East neighborhood.
April 22PetersburgVirginia044Four people were shot during the night in central Petersburg.
April 22Washington D.C (3)Washington D.C1[n 2]45A 23-year old man shot at random people at Edmund Burke School from his apartment with a sniper-style set-up, wounding four—including a child, in the Forest Hills neighborhood. The man committed suicide as officers entered his apartment.
April 22CincinnatiOhio044Four people were injured in the Walnut Hills neighborhood.
April 21Mountain ViewArkansas404Four people were shot to death in two different shootings carried out by the same person a quarter-mile apart from each other. The perpetrator is still on the loose.
April 20DuluthMinnesota5[n 2]05A man shot four of his family members, including two children, as they slept before turning the gun on himself.
April 18CooleemeeNorth Carolina4[n 2]04A man shot his girlfriend and their two young children before shooting himself.
April 17Golden GladesFlorida134A fight at an Easter party being held at a home ended in gunshots, with a man being killed and three others, including two juveniles, being injured.
April 17BaldwinLouisiana055Five people were shot during the late evening hours.
April 17Portland (4)Oregon134One teenage boy died and three others are in a hospital after a shooting in the Centennial neighborhood.
April 17Philadelphia (4)Pennsylvania044Four people were shot in the Fairhill neighborhood.
April 17FurmanSouth Carolina099A shooting at an Easter party being hosted at a nightclub wounded nine.
April 17Sacramento (2)California134A shooting in the Parkway neighborhood wounded three and killed one during the early morning hours.
April 17PittsburghPennsylvania29112022 Pittsburgh shooting: An early morning shooting at a party held at an Airbnb rental property in the East Allegheny neighborhood killed two juveniles and wounded nine others. Five people sustained injuries such as broken bones and cuts when they jumped out windows to escape the gunfire.
April 16North Las VegasNevada044Four people were shot, including two children, during a house party.
April 16Paw PawMichigan044An exchange of gunfire behind a bar left four wounded.
April 16PittsburgTexas167Seven people were shot, one fatally, during a shooting at a pasture party and trail ride.
April 16Baltimore (4)Maryland134A shooting killed one and injured three others in northwest Baltimore during the evening.
April 16Columbia (2)South Carolina099Columbiana Centre shooting: Nine people were shot and five others were injured while fleeing a shooting at the Columbiana Centre after at least one person opened fire.
April 16MilledgevilleGeorgia04[n 3]4An argument between two men at a bar escalated, with them opening fire on each other and wounding one another. Two bystanders were also shot.
April 16SyracuseNew York145Shortly after midnight, five people were shot, one fatally, in the Armory Square neighborhood.
April 15Stockton (2)California224A group of people approached another group and opened fire, killing two and wounding two others in the Pacific neighborhood.
April 15Walnut TownshipKansas1[n 2]34Police officers responding to reports of a suspicious vehicle found a woman inside a Jeep, who refused to cooperate with officers. She then pulled out a gun when officers attempted to remove her from the vehicle and opened fire, wounding three officers before being fatally shot.
April 12New York City (3)New York134Four people were shot, one fatally in the Allerton neighborhood of The Bronx.
April 12New York City (2)New York010102022 New York City Subway attack: Ten people were shot when a gunman opened fire on a New York City Subway train as it approached the 36th Street station in the Sunset Park neighborhood. Immediately before the attack, the assailant donned a gas mask and threw smoke bombs. The incident caused 19 others to be injured as they fled. The suspect was arrested the next day.
April 10WillowbrookCalifornia246First responders found two men dead and four others injured after a shooting.
April 10Cedar RapidsIowa21012A targeted shooting at a nightclub wounded ten and killed two after two men opened fire in the Oakhill Jackson neighborhood.
April 10Baton Rouge (2)Louisiana044Police found three people shot at two different related shootings after a shooting victim flagged down a police cruiser.
April 10Indianapolis (1)Indiana156A fight at a birthday party being held at an event venue erupted into gunfire, with five people being injured and another person being killed both in and outside the building.
April 10ElginIllinois156An early morning shooting at a gathering being held at an apartment complex killed one and injured five.
April 9Washington D.C (2)Washington D.C044A shooting carried out by two men across multiple blocks wounded four, including two teenagers.
April 9Houston (4)Texas1[n 2]34A fight inside a bar in the Wingate neighborhood spilled outside, where multiple men pulled out firearms and opened fire at each other, resulting in the death of a man and injuries to three others.
April 9Miami (2)Florida044Four people were shot outside a convenience store in the Model City neighborhood during the early morning.
April 7LatimerMississippi4[n 2]04A man fatally shot his estranged wife, a relative, and another person in a home before shooting himself.
April 6Philadelphia (3)Pennsylvania1[n 2]34A man shot two women in the Frankford neighborhood before being pursued by police to an apartment building, where he barricaded himself inside and engaged in a gunfight with police. The man wounded a SEPTA police officer before fatally shooting himself.
April 4HartfordConnecticut134Four people were shot, one of them fatally, in the Clay Arsenal neighborhood.
April 4CovingtonKentucky044A large fight involving multiple juveniles erupted into gunfire. A shooter wounded three juveniles and an adult man.
April 3San FranciscoCalifornia224Four people were shot, two fatally, near a playground in the Crocker-Amazon neighborhood.
April 3Sacramento (1)California6[n 3]12[n 3]182022 Sacramento shooting: A shootout between the Crips and Bloods, and the Bloods’ local ally the G-Mobb gang, ended with one member of each gang being killed and one Crips member being injured. Three bystanders were killed, while another eleven were wounded.
April 3Parkin and WynneArkansas2[n 2]24A man opened fire inside a home in Parkin, killing one and wounding another. Responding police spotted him as he drove west away from the scene, leading to a chase that ended in Wynne, where he engaged in a gunfight, wounding a police officer before being fatally shot.
April 3Buffalo (2)New York044Four people were shot as they left a party in the Willert Park neighborhood in the early morning.
April 3Dallas (3)Texas11516During a concert just after midnight, a person fired a shot into the air, and immediately afterward, another person opened fire into the crowd of concertgoers. Sixteen people were shot, including three teenagers, and one person died.
April 2Colorado Springs (3)Colorado055Five people were shot in two different related shootings in the same neighborhood. Four people were shot in the first shooting, and a fifth was shot in the other.
April 2MonroeLouisiana145Five people were shot, one fatally, in the parking lot of a bar in the early morning.
April 2ShreveportLouisiana134Four people were shot in an early morning shooting outside a bar. One person was found dead by responding police.
April 2ShelbyNorth Carolina134Four people were shot behind a bar, one fatally, just after midnight.
April 1WalterboroSouth Carolina05[n 2]5An argument led to a gunfight that injured five near midnight.
March 31LebanonPennsylvania2[n 2]24Police officers responding to a home robbery were fired upon by the suspect, who wounded two and killed one. Officers returned fire and killed the suspect.
March 29Buffalo (1)New York04[n 2]4A motorist fleeing a traffic stop opened fire as he was being pursued by police, wounding three officers, before being shot himself at the end of a car chase.
March 28Portland (3)Oregon04[n 2]4A shooting during an illegal street-racing event in the St. Johns neighborhood wounded four, including two teenagers and a child. The suspect, an adult male, was also injured.
March 27New Orleans (2)Louisiana224A shooting at an intersection in the Little Woods neighborhood killed two and injured two others.
March 26HollisterCalifornia235A drive-by shooting in northern Hollister killed two and injured three.
March 26ClevelandOhio044A shooting at a downtown nightclub during the early morning hours wounded four.
March 26Virginia BeachVirginia044An argument between two groups of people outside a bar in Northwest Virginia Beach just after midnight led to a shooting that injured four. Officers nearby responded and fired at one of the shooters, but they escaped uninjured.
March 25Colorado Springs (2)Colorado224A fight outside The Citadel mall during the late evening escalated into a shooting that killed two and wounded two others.
March 23Glendale (2)Arizona05[n 2]5An argument between two groups of people at a Tanger Outlets mall led to a shooting that injured five, including a child and two teenagers.
March 23WilliamsonNew York04[n 2]4An attempted burglary at a home led to a gunfight, with two residents being injured and two robbers being injured.
March 22Stockton (1)California134Four men, including a teenager, were shot in a parking lot just after midnight in the Valley Oak neighborhood. The teenager died as he was frantically driven to a hospital by a family member.
March 21Chicago (4)Illinois224Four men were shot by someone who approached them and opened fire as they stood on the sidewalk in the South Shore neighborhood. Two of the victims later died from their injuries.
March 21WaterburyConnecticut044Four people were shot outside of a bar after an altercation.
March 20Dallas (2)Texas01010Crossfire between two gunmen injured 10 victims from a crowd of 1,000 spring break celebration attendees at the ‘Space Dallas’ party hall.
March 20Milwaukee (3)Wisconsin044An argument at a party led to someone opening fire, wounding four people, in the Franklin Heights neighborhood.
March 20Houston (3)Texas134Four teenagers were shot outside another teen’s birthday party being held at a production studio, with one dying from their injuries. The shooting was sparked by an argument in the parking lot of the studio.
March 20AustinTexas044Four people were shot at the annual SXSW festival in Downtown Austin.
March 19FayettevilleNorth Carolina325Five people were shot, three fatally, in the parking lot of a Baymont Inn in the Terry Sanford neighborhood.
March 19Dallas (1)Texas01010Ten people were shot during a drive-by shooting outside a party venue in the South Dallas neighborhood.
March 19DumasArkansas12627A gunfight between two people at a car show killed one bystander and wounded 26 others, including five children.
March 19Madison HeightsVirginia145During the early morning hours, five people were shot. A woman was found dead by responding police.
March 19NorfolkVirginia235Five people were shot, one fatally, during the early morning hours in Downtown Norfolk.
March 18New IberiaLouisiana055Five people, including a baby, were shot in a drive by shooting. The baby and another person were critically injured.
March 18Fort WorthTexas134Four people were shot at a party being hosted at a house in the Far Greater Northside Historical neighborhood, with one dying.
March 17LansingMichigan044Gunfire erupted at a party being held in a parking lot being held in the Eastside neighborhood. Four people were injured.
March 17Fort LauderdaleFlorida22[n 4]4As a Broward County Transit bus traveled westward along Broward Boulevard to the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, a shooter opened fire inside killing two and wounding two others. The shooting caused the bus driver to hop the median and drive on the wrong side of the road as she drove frantically towards the police station, striking an SUV and taxi cab along the way, injuring three others. The shooter surrendered to responding police.
March 17Chicago (3)Illinois044Four people were shot in a drive-by shooting in the West Garfield Park neighborhood, including a child.
March 16IrvingtonNew Jersey134A shooter opened fire on a group of men standing outside a market in northern Irvington during the late-night hours, killing one and injuring three.
March 15OzarkAlabama055As a car idled at an intersection, another car pulled up to it and someone inside opened fire, wounding five people inside.
March 15Wai’anaeHawaii1[n 3]3[n 3]4An attempted negotiation between a man and suspected thieves who he thought stole a gun and cash from his car three days earlier escalated into a gun battle after one of the suspects shot the man before the man returned fire and killed the suspect. As an employee of the man tried to render first-aid to the first suspect, a second suspect shot them before being shot themselves.
March 14Albuquerque (2)New Mexico2[n 2]46A man shot three people, killing one, in the Glenwood Hills neighborhood. Responding police were attacked by the shooter, who injured two officers, before being shot and killed himself.
March 14ReadingPennsylvania134A fight among a large group of teenagers at a park in southwest Reading led to gunfire, wounding three and killing one. All of the victims were students of Governor Mifflin School District.
March 13Chicago (2)Illinois077A car pulled up to a group of people outside a Little Caesers in South Chicago and someone in the vehicle opened fire, wounding seven people.
March 13Columbia (1)South Carolina145An early morning shooting during a party being held at an apartment lead to the death of a woman and injuries to four others, including two teenagers. The apartment complex is located just off the campus of the University of South Carolina, but no students were shot.
March 13RochesterNew York224In the early morning hours at a hookah bar, four people were shot—two fatally, in the Brown Square neighborhood.
March 12AutaugavilleAlabama134Four people were shot, one fatally, in the evening hours in the central part of the city.
March 12Baltimore (3)Maryland314Police responding to a shots fired call found a car in the middle of an intersection between the Gwynn Oak and Howard Park neighborhoods with four men shot inside. Three of the men were pronounced dead at a hospital.
March 11ColumbusOhio134Four people were shot, including a security guard, shortly after midnight after a fight broke out at a bar. One of the victims died from their injuries.
March 9AuroraColorado134Four people were shot at a Quality Inn hotel near the pool in the Peterson neighborhood. A teen boy was found dead by responding police.
March 8JacksonvilleFlorida145Five teenagers were shot by an attacker while they sat in a car in the Oceanway neighborhood. One of the teenagers died from their injuries.
March 8JoplinMissouri3[n 2]14Police officers responding to a disturbance at Northpark Mall were fired upon by a shooter, leaving two officers injured. The perpetrator then fled the scene westward where another shooting between officers and the shooter occurred, leaving another officer injured as well as the attacker. One of the officers as well as the attacker died at a hospital later the same day, while another officer died a few days later.
March 7Knoxville (2)Tennessee044Three people were shot in a car in northwest Knoxville, with a fourth person also being shot a short distance away.
March 6LouisvilleKentucky044Four people who were dining inside a seafood restaurant in the Phoenix Hill neighborhood were shot in a drive-by shooting.
March 6LubbockTexas044Four people were shot in the Parkway and Cherry Point neighborhood in the early morning hours.
March 6MinneapolisMinnesota134In the early morning hours, an argument at a home in the Whittier neighborhood escalated into a shooting that killed one and injured three.
March 6HazletonPennsylvania145A fight between a group of people spiraled into a shooting that injured five teenagers, one of whom died at a hospital.
March 6MonroeLouisiana044A fight at a party being hosted at an OYO Rooms hotel led to four people being shot shortly after midnight.
March 6ChesterSouth Carolina235Half an hour after midnight a man shot five people, killing two. The perpetrator escaped the scene of the shooting, leading to a manhunt.
March 5Glendale (1)Arizona134A shooting injured three, including a teenager, and killed a man in eastern Glendale.
March 5ColumbusGeorgia04[n 2]4After a failed car chase to capture car thieves, the criminals crashed the car into the patrol car of another officer who hadn’t participated in the earlier car chase. The occupants of the stolen car exited the vehicle and opened fire on the deputy, wounding him. The officer returned fire and wounded the two attackers. A bystander who was in an automotive shop nearby was struck in the leg by gunfire.
March 5Atlanta (2)Georgia044Four people were shot when someone in a car opened fire on another car on I-75, wounding three people inside. Another car, whose occupants were not the intended target, was also shot and one person inside was injured. A fifth victim was also struck by gunfire but was not injured.
March 3ParadiseNevada167A dispute between neighbors led to a shooting that injured seven, one fatally, near the Las Vegas Strip.
March 2Baltimore (2)Maryland134Four men were shot in the Walbrook neighborhood. One of the victims was found dead in an alleyway by responding police.
February 28Arden-ArcadeCalifornia5[n 2]05A man fatally shot himself, his three children, and the children’s chaperone at a church during a supervised visit. A restraining order against the father prevented him from seeing his children except for four-hour sessions in which a friend of the mother had to be present.
February 27ConcordCalifornia044An argument between two groups of people at a Dave and Buster’s late Sunday night led to shooting that injured four. All of the victims were members of the two groups.
February 27AlexandriaLouisiana044An argument at a business in the southeast part of the city led to four people being shot.
February 26North CharlestonSouth Carolina134Four people were shot in the southern part of the city, and one victim died at a hospital later on in the day.
February 26BogalusaLouisiana010[n 2]10After the conclusion of a parade, a man fired at people in front of a store from his car, wounding several. Multiple people in the crowd fired back, seriously wounding the attacker.
February 26Albuquerque (1)New Mexico134An exchange of gunfire between people in southwest Albuquerque led to four people being shot, and one victim dying from their injuries.
February 26WinchesterNevada11314An argument between two men at a hookah bar east of the Las Vegas strip led to the two men opening fire on each other. The subsequent shooting resulted in the death of one and injuries to thirteen others.
February 25Baton Rouge (1)Louisiana224A shooter inside a car opened fire on the occupants of another car near the entrance of the Mall of Louisiana, killing two of the people inside and wounding the other two.
February 24GranburyTexas4[n 2]04Four people were shot and killed in a murder-suicide, including two children in northeastern Granbury.
February 24San Antonio (3)Texas044A shooter opened fire on three people inside a car in the Serna Station neighborhood. A fourth person who was not targeted by the shooter was also struck by gunfire.
February 23ClaxtonGeorgia04[n 2]4A man shot another man at a home in northern Claxton. When two family members of the victim arrived on the scene to check on him, the shooter shot them in their car and was then shot by responding police.
February 22EvansGeorgia1[n 2]34A man ambushed another man, some of his family members, and a neighbor who was a police officer in the victim’s backyard due to a feud with his target. The deputy, who was not shot, returned fire and killed the shooter.
February 21Saint PaulMinnesota134Multiple shooters opened fire outside a funeral home hosting a memorial for a gun violence victim in the West Side neighborhood, resulting in the death of a man and injuries to three others.
February 20OmahaNebraska044A shooting at a grocery store in the Prospect Hill neighborhood left four injured, including a teenager.
February 20Portland (2)Oregon134Four people were shot in a car in southeast Portland, with the female driver being killed. Among the injured were two young children.
February 20McCombMississippi145A child was killed in a drive-by shooting targeting a group of people playing basketball at a park. Four others were injured.
February 19Portland (1)Oregon15[n 2]6Normandale Park shooting: Near an racial justice protest, a man allegedly confronted a group of protestors and engaged in an argument with them, before pulling out a gun and opening fire, killing one and wounding four others. One of the people in the group allegedly returned fire and wounded the perpetrator.
February 19Tuscaloosa (1)Alabama044A shooter shot a woman in the food court of University Mall. Three others were injured by shrapnel or bullet fragments.
February 19CharlestonMissouri21416An argument at a party being held at an abandoned building led to a shooting that injured fourteen and killed two.
February 19TurlockCalifornia077A man shot seven people outside a bar in the early morning hours in a targeted shooting perpetrated against one of the victims.
February 19DurhamNorth Carolina224Four men were shot at a Campus Apartments complex near North Carolina Central University and Duke University. Two were found dead by responding police and none of the victims were students of either school.
February 17Philadelphia (2)Pennsylvania044Four bystanders, including a teen girl, were shot when two men shot at each other outside a RiteAid in the East Germantown neighborhood.
February 17Houston (2)Texas055During a biker event at a nightclub in the MacGregor neighborhood, an argument led to a shootout between patrons. Among the wounded was the club’s bouncer.
February 16West Little RiverFlorida134Three men were wounded and one killed in an ambush-style shooting in the afternoon. Two sedans pulled up alongside them on the street and opened fire.
February 15JolietIllinois134Four men were shot in northeast Joliet in the evening. One of the men was found dead by responding police.
February 13RacineWisconsin1[n 2]56Officers responding to an early morning shots fired call engaged in a foot chase with an armed man who had shot five people. After an attempted negotiation, he committed suicide.
February 12Los Angeles (2)California044Outside an Italian restaurant hosting a party by Justin Bieber, a fight between a group of men escalated when a shooter opened fire, wounding four, including musician Kodak Black.
February 12Little RockArkansas134In the early morning hours, four people were shot in eastern Little Rock, with one person succumbing to their injuries.
February 12MurfreesboroTennessee145An argument outside a hookah bar in the early morning hours escalated when a shooter opened fire, wounding four and killing one.
February 11SpringfieldMissouri044A driver shot at another car, wounding four people inside in northwest Springfield.
February 11Phoenix (1)Arizona2[n 2]911Responding to a call of a woman being shot, a shooter ambushed a responding officer and shot him several times. As a man fled the home with a baby and officers attempted to aid in protecting the baby, the shooter shot four more officers, with four more being injured by bullet shrapnel. The shooter then barricaded himself inside the home and was later found dead, along with a female victim.
February 6Fresno (2)California2[n 3]2[n 3]4A chance encounter between two rival gangs at an apartment complex in Southwest Fresno escalated into a shootout, with four gang members being shot, including a teenager. Two men died from their injuries.
February 6WilmingtonNorth Carolina044A shooter fired at a crowd gathered to celebrate the life of a gun violence victim and wounded four, including a child and a teenager, in the Montgomery Place neighborhood.
February 6North LauderdaleFlorida044In the early morning hours, a fight at a bar led to a patron being removed from the building, after which the patron opened fire from outside the bar and wounded four other patrons.
February 6RomeovilleIllinois055A physical altercation in the early morning hours at a Bowlero bowling alley led to a shooting, with five people being wounded.
February 5Corsicana (2) and FrostTexas6[n 2]28A man shot four of his own family, three fatally, in Corsicana before driving to Frost where he shot three more of his own family, killing two including a child. After his vehicle was remotely shut off via a vehicle monitoring service, the Corsicana SWAT team closed in on his location but before they reached him the shooter shot himself, and later died from his injuries.
February 5Las CrucesNew Mexico044Four people were shot in southern Las Cruces, with two teenagers requiring medical evacuation via helicopter to El Paso.
February 4BlacksburgVirginia145Five people, including a college student at nearby Virginia Tech, which went on lockdown, were shot at a hookah lounge. One person succumbed to their injuries.
February 2OrovilleCalifornia145Five people were wounded, one fatally, by a shooter in a Greyhound bus. The shooter was later apprehended by police at a nearby Walmart after he got into a physical altercation with a customer and took off all his clothes.
February 1Milwaukee (2)Wisconsin055A fight between two teenage girls about a Facebook post during a basketball game at Rufus King International High School escalated when a man opened fire, wounding four teenage girls and an adult woman.
January 31RaleighNorth Carolina044Four people were shot at a motel in the late evening hours. Two of the victims were shot in the motel parking lot while the other two were shot in their rooms.
January 30Winter HavenFlorida14[n 2]5Two cars engaged in a running gun battle. Four people, including two teenagers, were shot in one of the cars, with a fifth also being wounded in the other car. An adult passenger in the first vehicle was killed.
January 30Augusta (2)Georgia134Four people were shot in the early morning hours at a club. A man was found dead by responding police.
January 29BakersfieldCalifornia044Four people were shot at a bar during the late evening hours in the Polo Grounds neighborhood.
January 29Saint Louis (1)Missouri314Four men were shot near an intersection in the Kingsway East neighborhood, with two found dead at the scene. Another man died at a hospital and the surviving victim ran to a nearby convenience store for help.
January 29Atlanta (1)Georgia134An argument escalated into a shooting outside a sports bar in the Vine City neighborhood shortly after midnight, with one person being fatally shot and three others being injured by gunfire.
January 28GoodlettsvilleTennessee4[n 2]04A man shot his wife and two children in a murder-suicide at his home. The man only killed himself and his wife after the police arrived and began to attempt to negotiate with him.
January 27DucorCalifornia235Two people were fatally shot at a Shell gas station, with three others being wounded.
January 27Washington D.C. (1)Washington D.C.145Five people were shot at a Days Inn hotel in the Forest Hills neighborhood. A woman later succumbed to her injuries.
January 23Milwaukee (1)Wisconsin606Six people were found by police shot to death in a home after being called there for a welfare check in the Park West neighborhood.
January 23InglewoodCalifornia415Four people were fatally shot at a birthday party at a home in the morning in an ambush-style attack. A fifth person was shot but survived their injuries. The woman whose birthday was being celebrated along with her older sister was among the deceased.
January 22MidlandWashington134Four people were shot by an occupant in an approaching vehicle outside an apartment complex in the South End neighborhood while they were in two different vehicles. Two of the victims drove away together to Tacoma, where one of them was found dead by police.
January 19ContantUnited States Virgin Islands145Four people were wounded and one killed after a drive-by shooting at a bar.
January 19Baltimore (1)Maryland314Three men, including an on-duty violence-prevention worker, were fatally shot in the Milton-Monford neighborhood. Another man who was shot survived his injuries.
January 19New Orleans (1)Louisiana044Four men were injured when a vehicle approached them and multiple occupants opened fire upon them. The victims returned fire and the attackers fled.
January 18Miami (1)Florida1[n 2]45After a man was escorted out of a bar for assaulting his female companion, he drove away and later returned with a gun and opened fire on the bar’s security guards, with three female patrons and one security guard being wounded. A security guard inside the bar returned fire and killed the shooter.
January 17San Antonio (2)Texas044Four people were shot at a Martin Luther King Jr. Day gathering in the Coliseum Willow Park neighborhood.
January 16SavannahGeorgia134Four people, including two teens, were shot in the Benjamin Van Clark Park neighborhood. A woman died from her injuries and five vehicles were struck by gunfire.
January 15BrunswickGeorgia156One person was killed and five others injured after two men shot at one another inside a club.
January 15Knoxville (1)Tennessee044Four women were shot in a parked car in the early morning hours. The driver then drove them all to a hospital.
January 14EugeneOregon066A shooting broke out just before the start of a rap concert at W.O.W. Hall, resulting in six injuries.
January 14Augusta (1)Georgia3[n 2]14A man shot three people in southern Augusta, two fatally, before committing suicide.
January 13New York City (1)New York044Three men and a woman were shot inside of a rental hall in the Canarsie section of Brooklyn.
January 12Chicago (1)Illinois044Four people were wounded at the Parkway Garden Homes apartment complex in the Greater Grand Crossing neighborhood on the South Side, while standing on the sidewalk. A man approached them and opened fire before fleeing.
January 9Los Angeles (1)California1[n 2]56A gunman opened fire at a large party in South Los Angeles, wounding five people, while another party-goer returned fire wounding the shooter. The shooter fled in a vehicle which later crashed, and died at a hospital.
January 9MontgomeryAlabama167A man was killed and six others; including four bystanders, were wounded inside a bowling alley after an argument escalated. The shooter fled afterwards.
January 9Fresno (1)California044Four people were wounded outside a nightclub after an argument between two people escalated.
January 9Colorado Springs (1)Colorado224Responding officers found two people dead and at least two injured at an apartment complex in the early morning.
January 8Houston (1)Texas134A gunman opened fire outside a club, killing one and wounding three others.
January 4Jackson (1)Mississippi134One teen was shot to death, while three other teens were injured while sitting in a car at a gas station.
January 2Corsicana (1)Texas224Two men were found deceased in a crashed car with multiple gunshots. Two other adults in the backseat were wounded.
January 2San Antonio (1)Texas224An altercation led to a shooting at an apartment complex. Two people were killed and another wounded after bullets went through a wall. A fourth person was injured in another apartment.
January 1PeoriaIllinois235Two women were killed and three others wounded in an early morning shooting.
January 1Philadelphia (1)Pennsylvania145A teenager was killed and three adults and another teenager wounded near Temple University.
January 1DillonSouth Carolina055A shooter opened fire outside a nightclub, and wounded five.
January 1AuburnGeorgia1[n 2]34After officers were dispatched to respond to a domestic dispute at a home and they were en route, the call was upgraded to shots fired. Upon arriving, officers found a man had killed himself after shooting three people, including two children.
January 1KenoshaWisconsin134A man was killed and three others wounded in a parking lot in the early morning.[244]
January 1South BendIndiana044Four people were wounded at a New Years party shortly after midnight.
January 1DenverColorado224Two adults were killed and two wounded in an early morning shooting in the LoDo district.
January 1ColumbiaMissouri044Four adults were wounded in the early morning at a local bar.

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