Feelings Wheel

Feelings wheel PDF in high quality and in printable format, it contains information about feelings in a pie chart, feelings wheel divided feelings in 12 types

Feelings Wheel PDF

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Feelings Wheel PDF - Overview

Feelings wheel contains information about feelings in a pie chart, It divided feelings in 12 types, and those each types of feeling are rectified in 4 types and these each divided in two parts. All 12 types of feelings are differentiate in two types first is when your needs are met and second is when your needs are not met.

The Feelings wheel can be useful in identifying the specific feelings and emotions you are experiencing at any given moment so that they can be addressed and resolved. For instance, if you experience a general sad feeling, you can use the outer bands of the wheel to figure out what specific kind of sadness you might feel. For example, maybe what you are really experiencing is feeling ignored. Note that the reverse can also happen. For instance, by using the wheel you may realize that feeling inadequate may be rooted in rejection or fear on a deeper level.

Feelings Wheel

The 12 types of Feelings given the feelings wheel are given below

  • Proud(self-acceptance)
  • Joyful(gain)
  • Intrigued(attentive)
  • Trusting(security)
  • Loving(attraction)
  • Peaceful(acceptance)
  • Ashamed(self-judgement)
  • Sad(loss)
  • Surprised(caught off guard)
  • Afraid(threatened)
  • Disgusted(repulsion)
  • Angry(judgement)

You can download the printable format from Here.

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Download Feelings Wheel PDF from ytp.uoregon.edu using the direct download link given below.

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