Petanque Rules

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Petanque Rules

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Petanque Rules PDF – Overview

Petanque Rules PDF in high quality, During the regulation time allowed for a player to throw a boule the spectators and players must observe total silence. The opponents must not walk, nor gesticulate nor do anything that could disturb the player about to play. Only their team-mate/s may remain between the throwing circle and the jack.

Petanque Rules for standing, Stand in the circle. Place your right foot so that it points toward the spot where you want the boule to land. Usually, this means pointing your foot at the jack. Your left foot should be a comfortable distance from your right foot and a bit behind it, either parallel with the right foot or with a slightly open stance.

Petanque Rules

General Petanque Rules

  • Article 1, Composition of teams
  • Article 2, Characteristics of approved boules
  • Article 2a, Penalties for irregular boules
  • Article 3, Approved jacks
  • Article 4, Licences
  • Article 5, Area of play and terrain rules
  • Article 6, Start of play and rules regarding the circle
  • Article 7, Valid distances for the thrown jack
  • Article 8, For the thrown jack to be valid
  • Article 9, Dead Jack during an end
  • Article 10, Displacement of obstacle
  • Article 11, Changing of jack or boule
  • Article 12, Jack masked or displaced
  • Article 13, Jack moved into another game
  • Article 14, Rules to apply if the jack is dead
  • Article 15, Positioning the jack after it has been stopped
  • Article 16, Throwing of the first and following boules
  • Article 17, Behaviour of players and spectators during a game
  • Article 18, Throwing of the boules and boules going outside the terrain
  • Article 19, Dead boules
  • Article 20, Stopped boules
  • Article 21, Time allowed to play
  • Article 22, Displaced boules
  • Article 23, A player throwing a boule other than their own
  • Article 24, Boules thrown contrary to the rule
  • Article 25, Temporary removal of boules
  • Article 26, Measuring of point
  • Article 27, Removed Boules
  • Article 28, Displacement of the boules or the jack
  • Article 29, Boules equidistant from the jack
  • Article 30, Foreign bodies adhering to the boules or jack
  • Article 31, Complaint
  • Article 32, Penalties for absent teams or players
  • Article 33, Late arrival of players
  • Article 34, Replacement of a player
  • Article 35, Penaltie
  • Article 36, Bad weather
  • Article 37, New phase of play
  • Article 38, Lack of Sportsmanship
  • Article 39, Bad behaviour
  • Article 40, Duties of the Umpires
  • Article 41, Composition and decisions of the Jury

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