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Thomas Thistlewood Diary PDF

PDF NameThomas Thistlewood Diary
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Thomas Thistlewood (16 March 1721 ‒ 30 November 1786) was a British-born planter in colonial Jamaica and he is migrated to the western end of the Colony of Jamaica where he became a plantation overseer, plantation owner and slaver.

The diary of Thomas Thistlewood, provides us with a case study in which to assess the nature of eighteenth century Jamaica. The level of interaction that Thistlewood has with the slave community means that we are able to build up a picture not only of white, but also slave society.

The Thomas Thistlewood diary shows that a continuum existed between the white and slave communities. Slave women were important to the process of intermingling.

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  1. When I click on the button “download pdf” I get another publicaties, interesting as well, but not the diary.
    Is there a link to the diaries of Thomas Thistlewood?

    Thank you!

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